Killer Concept: The Bisector

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(This concept mostly took inspiration from Shelee from Akame Ga Kill more specifically Extase)





Difficulty- Easy

Weapon: Great Shears

A ginormous pair of scissors easily able to cut anything in twain.

Power: Blinding Pain

Hold the secondary power button to charge a Flash, once fully charged press the basic attack button to release the Flash blinding survivors in range for 2.5 seconds. The range of Flash is a rectangular shape over a 8 meter range.

Great Cut: Hold the power button to charge the Great Cut ability once fully charged The Bisector will lunge forward and attack with greater range than a basic attack but if missed The Bisector will stagger and stop moving for a short while.

Great Cut will break pallets and walls if hit.


Cut With Precision:

When a survivor is put into the dying state by a basic attack they lose blood 5/10/15% faster.

Sliced in Twain:

When a wall or pallet is broken this perk activates.

While in chase when this perk is activated the killer will gain a 0.5/1/2% speed boost.

This perk will deactivate after putting a survivor in the dying state or breaking another wall or pallet, once deactivated the perk will go into a 50 second cooldown.

Hex: Rend

At the start of the round all survivors will be Cursed with a hex totem correlating towards each survivor.

All Cursed survivors have movement speed reduced reduced by 3/5/7% outside of chase

If a Cursed survivor does any teamwork action with another survivor the following effects occur

With another Cursed survivor, action speed is reduced by 30%, both survivors become inflicted with Exhausted and Blindness.

With a non-cursed survivor, action speed I reduced by 10%, both survivors become inflicted with Blindness.

Red Addons

Bloody Wipe:

Survivors blinded by Flash are Exhausted for 3 seconds.

New Glasses:

See the aura of all pallets and walls within a 32m while Great Cut is charged.

Design: A diligent looking man wearing a suit and tie with tidy bottoms, has well kept black hair and glasses, meant to look like your traditional businessman and is kind of a cliche.

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