Killer Concept: The Chain Letter

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(The inspiration for this one came from Secret by The Pierces, I was just listening to it and went damn, this could make a good killer.)


Speed- 4.6m/s

TR- 24m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Moderate

Power: Liar, Liar

When the game starts one survivor will know The Secret. Other survivors cannot see who knows The Secret.

When a survivor knows The Secret they are put on a 45 second timer, after 45 seconds the survivor who knows The Secret will become Exposed and can be killed once in the dying state, once the survivor who knows The Secret dies no one else can know The Secret.

The only way for a survivor to remove The Secret is to pass it to another survivor by interacting with them for 1 second, once passed the timer resets. The Secret cannot be given to the 2 previous survivors that knew The Secret.

Pants on Fire: Hold the power button to charge this ability then pressing the basic attack button will place a flame on up-right pallets and windows, once placed press the secondary power button to blow them up and block any pallet or window they're placed on. The Chain Letter has 4 flames. Each flame takes 6 seconds to recharge.


Unrelenting Rage:

Removes the stun effect from pallets and decreases breaking speed by 14% once hit with a pallet.

Once a pallet that hit the killer is broken, gain a 4/4.5/5% Haste boost.

Broken Promise:

While in chase with a survivor, if that survivor vaults a pallet or window they will become Exhausted for 5 seconds

This perk has a cooldown of 80/70/60 seconds.

Hex: Tight Lipped

When a 2 survivors perform a teamwork action they will both scream and have their auras revealed for 10 seconds.

When this Hex is cleansed the survivor who cleansed it will scream and become Exposed for 20 seconds.

Red Add-ons

Shattered Tooth:

Reduces The Secrets timer by 15 seconds.

Written Threat:

Once The Secrets timer runs out, the survivor who is effected will no longer be able to pass The Secret.

Design: An average school girl in a school uniform but has a very angry expression (like The Spirit) destroying animations include using the flames to explodes pallets, walls and generators.

This was an annoyingly hard concept and the character design seems weak, this isn't one I'm amazingly proud of.