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Killer: The Mascot

Height: Medium

Difficulty: Hard

Power: Glitchlock

Enter glitch form causing you to become invisible to survivors and all 4 animatronics on the map become highlighted, you can choose to posses any of these 4 animatronics. While controlling an animatronic you remain undetectable.

Freddy: Moves at 120% movement speed, any generator he kicks is blocked off by The Entity until he is no longer active.

Bonnie: Moves at 115% movement speed, gets sound ques from survivors failing all skillchecks, vaulting and exiting lockers.

Chica: Moves at 115% movement speed, can hide 4 of her cupcakes in a chest or locker to expose the survivors aura.

Foxy: Moves at 125% movement speed, can run for a short duration before malfunctioning.

Special Ability: Jumpscare

While playing as any of the 4 animatronics you can hold down the ability button to preform a small jumpscare lunge, if the attack is successful the surivor receives a loud first person jumpscare and gets stuffed into the animotronic that jumpscared them rendering that one unplayable. When a survivor is stuffed into an animatronic springlocks appear on both sides of their screen and they must wind these springlocks up, they have a “hook” timer and this timer speeds up if they fail to wind up a springlock, or a teammate can take them out of the suit. If an animatronic is stunned or a survivor is taken out of them they gain the “malfunctioning” status effect and you must fix them. Jumpscaring as Springtrap will only insta-down survivors.


Ultra-Rare: Purple Hat

Replaces Foxy with Golden Freddy, Golden Freddy can teleport across the map and has a meter that instantly stuffs survivors into his suit for staring at him to long.

Ultra-Rare: Large gift box

Replaces Bonnie with Marionette, this character is locked off in a gift box that survivors must wind up to keep it in check, if they don’t keep the box winded you play as the Marionette which can see the aura of all survivors and they gain the exposed status effect until the box is winded.

Rare: Freddy Plush

Reskins all animatronics as the Nightmares from FNAF4, they all have a large terror radius while being possessed but move 10% faster.

Rare: Mangled Endoskeleton

Reskins all animatronics as the withered variants from FNAF2, they move 8% slower but offer 30% extra bloodpoints.

Uncommon: Child Drawing

Reskins all animatronics as the toys from FNAF2, replaces foxy with Mangle whom has a large terror radius even when immobile and vaults 10% faster.

Uncommon: Exotic Butters

Makes springlock MiniGame 10% harder than normal.

Common: Moldy Pizza

2% speed increase for animatronics

Common: Party Balloon

Survivor auras are revealed for 1 second after unstuffing a teammate.

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