Killer Concept: The Sword

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Speed- 4.4m/s

TR- 28m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Moderate

Weapon- Perfect Copy

A sword that could only be dirtied by the soils of battle.

Technicality: This killer has a 25% longer lunge distance.

Power: False Excalibur

Hold the power button to Channel Energy, while Chanelling Energy there are two options, press the basic attack button to place an Energy Cut in the air infront of The Sword, there are 5 Energy Cuts available, while not Chanelling Energy press the secondary power button activate the cut damaging any survivors nearby. Each Energy Cut takes 5 seconds to recharge.

While Chanelling Energy press the secondary power button to activate Energy Blade, when activated lunge range is reduced 50% but the basic attacks hit range is increased by 75%.


Clean Cut:

This perk has 8/9/10 tokens

When a survivor becomes injured a token is used, they and all other injured survivors become Exhausted for 20 seconds.

Under Command:

When a survivor heals another survivor this perk activates.

When either of the survivors go into the killers terror radius both will scream and have their auras revealed for 6/8/10 seconds.

This perk has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

Hex: Myth of Free Will:

When a generator is completed while this Hex is active all of the survivors who worked on the completed gen will become Confused and if injured when completing the generator they'll also become Broken

Confusion inverts camera and movement controls.

Red Addons

Pierced Stone:

While in Energy Blade mode,

Reduces the lunge range nerf by 25%

Increases hit range increase by 5%

Rotten Flesh:

If a survivor comes in range of an unactivated Energy Cut, they'll become Exhausted for 15 seconds.


A man who's flesh is rotting, hair is falling out and their clothes are ripped and shredded, in stark contrast the sword used as the weapon is perfectly cleaned and is visually remarkable, this would be a nod to how the sword has complete control over the user.