Jurassic Park chapter concept

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Killer: The Carnivore (The Big One)

Height: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Power: Primal Instincts

You can hold the power button to become undetectable and move 30% slower, while hunting your Instinct meter fills the longer you stalk a survivor. Once full you enter Ferocious Frenzy.

Special Ability: Ferocious Frenzy

You run at 250% movement speed and instantly bring survivors down a health state upon running into them, you recover from hits 60% faster. This ability will last for the next 20 seconds but the duration can be increased with add-ons

Secondary Ability: Predators Pounce

You can pounce over short obstacles, pallets and vaults with your enhanced maneuverability. Predators Pounce gains a 12% lunge increase and 4% height increase during Ferocious Frenzy.

Third Ability: Call Of The Pack

You have 2 raptor teammates wandering the trial, use Call Of The Pack to release a calling sound causing them to come to your location. Your raptor teammates move at 115% movement speed while walking and 130% movement speed while chasing or responding to your call.

New Interaction: Egg Incubator

There are multiple nests around the map, survivors must grab an egg from said nests and put them in an incubator. If the survivor does not incubate an egg within 200 seconds they gain the Prey status effect which allows you to kill them upon the next attack.

Mori: You growl at the survivor stepping toward them slowly while clicking your toe, then you hunch down and lunge onto the survivor tearing their stomach open with your big toe and mauling their head, then you take a bunch of flesh out of their stomach like Hag and consume it.

If you don’t believe this is possible Jurassic Park was on one of the recent satisfaction surveys. Here’s the proof

Map: Isla Nublar

The original Jurassic Park, it would be a large tropical forest with the visitor center as the main building, then the raptor pen would be a smaller secondary building, some other notable locations on the map would be the triceratops field and dilophasaurus&trex enclosure. During Endgame Collapse the the trex would come out of its enclosure releasing a loud rawr and then disappearing into the jungle. Also notably the exit gates would look like the iconic winding gateway to Jurassic Park.

Survivor: Alan Grant or Malcom