Killer Concept: The Cleaner

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Speed- 4.4m/s

TR- 28m

Height- Average

Difficulty- Moderate

Weapon: Helpful Partner

A hoover possessed by someone who'll help her through anything.

Power: Tidy the Hoover

Tidy's Pull:

Hold the power button to start pulling a survivors 12 meters infront of The Cleaner towards Tidy, while being pulled survivors have their movement speed reduced depending on how close to Tidy they are, if at max distance movement speed will be slightly reduced, when halfway survivors will be fully pulled and start moving directly towards The Cleaner.

Survivors can escape Tidy's Pull by going behind a wall or entering a locker, but if they enter a locker they will be pulled out after pulling facing the locker for 5 seconds, if survivors are over a half wall they can escape Tidy's Pull by crouching, pallets will not block Tidy's Pull instead will be broken if a survivor is pulled through it after 5 seconds, windows also do not block Tidy's Pull instead survivors will be forced to vault the window after 5 seconds of pulling.

Tidy's Attack:

When a survivor comes close enough to Tidy press the secondary power button to have Tidy attack the survivor.

When a survivor is attacked they will become Toothed, a tooth gets stuck in the survivor allowing The Cleaner to see Toothed survivor's aura when they are within a 10 meter radius.

Survivors can remove the tooth by finding Tweezers in chest around the realm, there are 5 chests.


Difficulties of Work:

For each survivor injured already inflicted ailment (such as exhaustion or broken) have their timers increased by 3/4/5 seconds.

Used To It:

When carrying a survivor, allows the killer to lunge but the lunge will be 90/80/70% slower.

They Think Me Weak?:

If at any time all 4 survivors are injured this perk activates,

While activated up to 4/5/6 pallets, walls or generators can be broken with just a basic attack.

If this perk is activated at least once a permanent effect will remain that allows the killer to break pallets, walls and generators with a basic attack while carrying a survivor.

Red Addons

Exorcist Robes:

If a survivor escapes Tidy's Pull they'll become Exposed for 10 seconds.

Stuffed Envelope:

Toothed survivors have their aura read when in The Cleaners Terror Radius.

Toothed survivors have their aura read every 15 seconds when outside of The Cleaners Terror Radius.

2 extra Tweezers spawn in the realm.


A women that wears casual all black clothes with short brown hair. Most destroying animations will have Tidy destroy pallets and walls but has a normal gen kick animation.

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