Killer Concept: The Arachne

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Speed- 4.6m/s

TR- 38m

Height- Tall

Difficulty- Moderate

Weapon: Toughened Claws

Taking "the bloods on my hands" quite literally.

Power: Mothers Instinct

The Arachne starts with 24 webbing placements.

Holding the power button will start a Webbing these can be placed between 3 walls with each placement having a maximum reach of 10 meters, these webbing are nearly invisible to survivors, if a survivor walks through a webbing Killer Instinct will reveal their location for 4 seconds. Webbings will only be destroyed when 2 different survivors walks through them.

Once a webbing is complete after 15 seconds of being active Eggs will begin to grow on them, after 20 seconds the eggs will hatch and Spiderlings will survey the webbing, if a survivor walks through a webbing that is being surveyed by Spiderlings they will become Webable, when a survivor is Webable placing a Webbing on them will instantly put them in the carried state, survivors can remove the Webable state by finding chests, that will be highlighted to them within a 16 meter range, that will contain Spider Killer but using it will allow The Arachne to start a Mother's Protection, if a survivor walks into a webbing while the Eggs are still growing Killer Instinct will reveal their location and The Arachne will be able to start a Mother's Protection.

Mother's Protection:

Press the secondary power button when available to start Mother's Protection, a sprint that has a speed of 5.4 m/s The Arachne will run in an almost straight line towards the survivor who triggered Mother's Protection, this sprint can be cancelled by pressing the secondary power button again and The Arachne will still move at 5.0m/s for 20 seconds this also still counts as Mother's Protection. When a survivor is hit during Mother's Protection they will be put into the injured state and Mother's Protection will end slowing The Arachne for 1 second.


Tiny Terrors:

When a survivor scares a crow they will scream, this has a cooldown of 45 seconds for each survivor.

For each survivor that screams this perk gains a token up 8 tokens.

When kicking a generator 2 tokens are used and the generator instantly loses an extra 1.5/2/2.5% progression.

Silky Smooth:

Increases vault speed by 25/50/75%

Silky Smooth has a cooldown of 80 seconds.

Scourge Hook: Stuck Forever

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into Scourge Hooks. You see their aura in white.

When a survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook all other survivors are inflicted with Blindness until the survivor is unhooked.

When trying to unhook someone on a Scourge Hook, unhooking will take 40/50/60% longer.

Once unhooked if the unhooked survivor leaves a 40 meter radius away from the hook they will become Hindered for 20 seconds.

Red Addons

Iridescent Snack (its an eye :)

After Mother Protections sprint is cancelled The Arachne will still move at 5.4m/s.

Golden Silk:

When a survivor is hit during Mother's Protection they will be put into the dying state.

Mother's Protection has its sprint speed reduced by 0.4m/s and cancelling the sprint will put The Aracne back to normal movement speed.


The Arachne basically has a design you'd expect for an arachne half human half spider. the human and spider halves are separate by crude stitches with blood still coming out of them and while the human half is a stereotypical perfect body type she has long grey hair with a fringe covering her eyes and has extra spider eyes along her cheeks and neck, meanwhile the lower spider half is what you'd expect except instead of normal spider legs, the legs looked similar to The Entity's legs.

Finally another one I'm proud of, good going me.

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