Tunneling Wraiths



  • Diablitokawaii
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    Yeah because Wraith would do so great vs Hope +MFT in the endgame why would a Wraith tunnel xD ?

  • DemonDaddy
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    Because it's detrimental to ignore opportunity

  • HarlockTaliesin
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    Depends on the circumstance. I play Wraith a lot, and prefer to get each survivor double hooked before killing anyone off. Gives both sides the opportunity to play, earn some points, have some fun. If I'm getting gen rushed or have a particular survivor who keeps getting in my face trying to get my attention when they really shouldn't (already injured, can't loop well, already been hooked, etc.), I'll tunnel them/someone out to slow the trial down or get rid of the annoyance.

    That's one of the main problems with the current game status. Gens fly way too fast, so far more often than I'd like I have to tunnel someone out just to have time to get in some good chases with the other survivors. It's even worse when playing killers with lower mobility or require setup time.

  • Nos37
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    90% of the Wraiths I play against have a bugged perk slot that only has H:NOED equipped and cannot be changed. These Wraith players just take advantage of it. Even if the survivors manage to rush gens while Wraith's busy tunneling, NOED gives them more for free in the endgame.

    This playstyle doesn't work against the strongest players (coordinated SWF); it just destroys the weakest players (soloq).

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Free killer that comes with the game, it is the same with Huntress who seems to have a high number of camping tunnelling people playing them.

    Newer killers often will resort to anything as it is of course a struggle when you are new to DBD, so tunnelling and camping are easy ways to get hooks which makes it appealing to less skilled/experienced players.

  • EEP
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    This is my experience with them as well. Personally I saw the increase in this behavior when they removed being able to burn him out of cloak, it was the only counter survivors had against him. He is the only killer that has no counter, he can body block while cloaked, and receives a speed boost after uncloaking.

  • Krazzik
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    Wraith is a weaker killer so against good survivors kinda needs to tunnel if he's gonna have a chance at winning. His kit also allows him to return to the hook quickly after the save so he can tunnel straight away.

    Now I don't see Wraiths all that often and when I do it's pretty much 50/50 if they tunnel or not, but when they don't tunnel they tend to do rather badly.

  • tjt85
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    Wraith is probably one of the strongest free killers in the game. Definitely the strongest with the lowest skill floor to become decent with him. Plus, lots of general perks are great on him (Sloppy + Jolt + Fearmonger + NOED). He's also good at camping and tunnelling, so it makes sense to me that he might attract more players with "win at all costs" play styles.

    I have the feeling that a lot of Wraiths are mostly newer or intermediate players, but still quite serious about getting a 4K in every trial. Eventually they'll move on to Blight/Wesker/Nurse when Wraith isn't getting them consistent results anymore.

    Unfair generalisation, perhaps? But that's my theory, anyway.

  • CatnipLove
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    Wraith has always been the most consistently toxic killer I've met. Anytime I go to unhook someone, there he is, beating the **** out of them. I've met no other killer that is even close to being as unpleasant. It's so consistent that it's statistically bizzare. To be clear, the higher MMR Wraiths aren't too bad, it's very much the ones that suck. I think Wraith is just appealing to toxic players. He's a good combination of ease of use and strength. It's not like toxic players are usually good. Pretty much all of them suck.

    NOED you say?

    The first minute is basically every Wraith I meet. I don't troll killers, but for ones like this, I make an exception.

    Honestly, I'll have fun regardless of what killer I'm up against. It all comes down to whether the killer is in a foul mood or not. Plague is rough to go against, but the people who play her are usually fun, so I tend to enjoy my matches with her.