Chapter idea: Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt)

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Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey) chapter idea - Dead by Daylight

Based on the events of the Norwegian movie, Cold Prey.

Location: Jotunheimen - Norway. Leirvassbu.

Killer: Fjellmannen (The Mountain Man) - Geir Olav Brath. 

Gender: Male

Age: In his 40's 

Physique: Large, burly and strong.

Appearance: Tall, light-skinned (with a large birthmark on his face), large full beard, long blonde hair.

Clothing: Heavy white outdoor clothing with fur, light gray ski mask (well worn), ski goggles, military winter camo fur hat.

Personal story: 

Geir was emotionally withdrawn as a child, and considered strange by those who knew him. 

His first moments of life were spent in a limbo between life and death after his birth before he was revived. 

After that, Geir seemed to be devoid of all emotions to the point of not even crying as a normal child would. 

Throughout his early life, Geir was subject to physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his stepfather, who never considered him to be his son. 

This seemed to severely affect Geir's mental and emotional state, with his often strange behavior resulting from this subject to extreme cruelty by his stepfather. 

In spite of this, Geir seemed to care for his mother, who treated him with kindness but was unable to prevent the abuse Geir suffered. 

After being buried alive by his stepfather while his mother watched on, Geir's mental stability shattered, transforming from an emotionally vulnerable child to a cold, and brutal killer. 

The only person Geir seemed to have any affection for after this incident was Jon Stølen, a hermit who rescued him and nursed him back to health. 

Jon also taught him how to hunt, gather food, and survive in the wilderness without attracting attention to himself.

After moving back to his family's now abandoned lodge, Geir would live there in isolation, killing anyone who traveled there without mercy and collecting his victims personal items as keepsakes. 


Base Move Speed - 4.6m/s (115%)

Base Terror Radius - 32m

Height - Tall (Similar to Michael Myers)

Playstyle: Stealth/Hunter


Geir Olav Brath was born sometime in the mid-60s by a woman named Sigrid and an unknown father. 

He was stillborn, and a death certificate was written. However, four hours later, he suddenly appeared to be alive, and never cried. 

When Geir was young, Sigrid married a man named Gunnar in the 1970s, who owned a mountain lodge in Jotunheimen. 

Gunnar was extremely abusive towards the boy, often locking him in the lodge's basement for hours, and frequently abusing him verbally and physically. 

Geir's mother loved him very much, but enabled her husband's behavior, and did nothing to stop the abuse.

In 1976, having enough of his stepfather's abuse, Geir attempted to escape from the lodge. 

Geir was ruthlessly pursued by his father, who soon caught up to him and proceeded to bury him alive as his mother watched on silently.

Leaving him to die in the cold, Geir's parents reported him "missing" with massive search party organized in an attempt to find him. 

Geir, however, survived and returned to the lodge after several days, where he encountered his mother. 

She tearfully embraced the emotionless Geir, who, enraged by her betrayal, stabbed her to death, watching in cold detachment as she died on the floor. 

Gunnar later came across Sigrid's dead body, and not long after, was ambushed and murdered by Geir. 

After disposing of his parent's corpses, Geir was discovered by Jon Stølen, a hermit who is the brother of Einar, the sheriff in the Bøverdalen area.  

From 1976 to 1988, he was raised by Jon and taught how to live as a hermit, and learned about hunting animals without drawing the attention of other people.

In the summer of 1988, Geir began his first killing spree against a group of young adults camping in the woods. 

The group of friends decided to stay at the lodge, which had been abandoned since the murder of his parents 12 years earlier. 

Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, he stalked and murdered a total of 110 unsuspecting hikers who came across the lodge, 

before collecting their belongings and dumping their corpses in a close-by glacier ravine, leaving a large number of disappearance cases unresolved.

The next known murder spree took place at the lodge, having been abandoned for 30 years now. 

A group of snowboarders, Jannicke, Eirik, Ingunn, Mikal, and Morten Tobias, sought refuge in the lodge after Morten broke his leg from a snowboarding accident. 

Geir first attacked Ingunn, brutally butchering the young woman to death with a pickaxe as she tried to escape. 

Geir later came across Eirik, whom he knocked unconscious after one of the friends discovered a pool of blood on the floor of the room Ingunn was staying in. 

While the group began looking for Ingunn, Geir attempted to kill Mikal, who managed to escape and hide. 

As Geir began searching for members of the group, Mikal once again came face-to-face with Geir outside of the tool shed, and was subsequently murdered. 

Geir chases the remaining survivors to the deeper part of the lodge, where they discover Eirik, who has regained consciousness but are unable to free him in time as Geir captures him.  

Jannicke then tries to lure Geir out and shoot him with a shotgun with one shell recovered from the shed. 

However, Geir is aware of this, and uses a conscious Eirik as a human shield when opening the door. 

Panicked and not wanting to hit Eirik, Jannicke accidentally fires at the wall, using up the one shell in the shotgun. 

Geir then murders Eirik in front of the horrified group before giving chase. 

Out of his love for Jannicke, Morten grabs the shotgun from her hands and tells her to run, saving her in the process. 

He threatens Geir with the shotgun and tells him to back away shortly before he is murdered. 

He then pursues Jannicke, who is running away from the lodge outside, and knocks her unconscious. 

Believing her to be dead, Geir collects her and the group's corpses and then proceeded to take them to the ravine to dispose of them. 

However, Jannicke soon regains consciousness and attacks Geir. After a short struggle, Jannicke tears off Geir's balaclava, revealing his birthmark and temporarily stunning him. 

Jannicke then proceeds to stab Geir in the chest with his own pickaxe, causing him to fall down the ravine to his supposed death.

A couple of days after the killing spree at the lodge, Jannicke is discovered standing in the cold, and is brought to a hospital to recover. 

Authorities are later sent down to the ravine to collect the corpses, including Geir, where they are brought to the hospital's morgue. 

One of the nurses examines Geir on an operating table and touches his chest wound, causing him to convulse in pain and show signs of life again. 

Hospital staff then attempt to resuscitate Geir with defibrillators, and his condition improves with time. 

The police cuff Geir's hand to the hospital bed, when he regains consciousness and breaks his hand free from the handcuffs, slashing a police officer's throat with them in the process. 

After slaughtering a majority of the hospital staff, he discovers that Jannicke is also in the hospital, and begins searching for her to kill her in revenge for his defeat. 

While trying to evade Geir, Jannicke encounters a young boy that she had met in the hospital, and one of the nurses, Camilla, and soon brings them to safety. 

The police and special forces are waiting outside, and enter the hospital to capture Geir. However, they are killed by in the process, and Geir escapes the hospital, returning back to his lodge soon after.

Jannicke goes back to the lodge with a stolen police shotgun, and waits for Geir to appear so she can shoot him. 

She accidentally falls asleep not long after, and when morning comes, Geir attacks Jannicke. 

They get into a struggle, and Geir is about to kill Jannicke, but Camilla appears behind Geir and shoots his fingers off with a shotgun. 

Enraged, Geir chases Camilla outside and attempts to kill her, but is soon impaled with his own pickaxe after Jannicke throws it at him from behind. 

Mortally wounded, Geir falls to the ground as Jannicke approaches him, shotgun in-hand. 

Seeking to avenge her friends' deaths, Jannicke executes Geir by shooting him 4 times in the head, ending his reign of terror once and for all.

Before they were able to leave the lodge, a dark mist appeared out of nowhere, and soon, all of them found themselves inside of the Entity's realm.

Killer power/skillset: 

High physical Strength

Unnatural pain tolerance




High Intellect


Primary weapon:

Large pickaxe

Killer Ability: Cold-Blooded Hunter - Hidden Stalker.

Years of honing his skillset, the Mountain Man knows how to stalk and capture his prey without a trace

Grants the ability to stalk survivors from a distance. Stalking range: 40 meters.

Gain tokens based on how long you stalk survivors for (one per survivor stalked, 8 seconds to gain a token)

1 token: Terror radius is reduced to 16 meters

2 tokens: Terror radius is reduced to 8 meters

3 tokens: Fully Undetectable.

4 tokens: Your footsteps are silent.

All tokens are reset upon a succesful takedown.

Mori idea 1: 

As the survivor tries to crawl away, the Mountain Man stands towering over them, before grabbing them by the neck, pulling back, breaking their back and kills them on the spot. (ref: Mikal's death in the first movie) 

- The signature mori animation used in both the first and the second movie 

Mori idea 2: 

Alternate idea. The injured survivor tries to get up from the ground, starts to stumble and proceeds to run off, before the Mountian Man appears out of view, using his pickaxe to topple the survivor over,

before impaling them in the back with his pickaxe as they try to crawl away. (ref: Ingunn's death in the movie)

Mori idea 3: 

Another alternate idea. 

As the injured survivor tries to get up, the Mountain Man slams his pickaxe into the survivor's leg, forcing them down on the ground, before finishing them off with a pickaxe blow to the head.

Ref: Morten Tobias' death in the first movie.


1. Basement Keepsakes (Old level 30) - Icon should have an image of the box of wedding rings.

The Mountain Man has collected many items from his victims, storing them in the basement of his lodge, and he won't let anyone take them from him.

Survivors that enters the basement suffers from the Oblivious and Blindness status effects, and they persist for 40/60/80 seconds after leaving the basement.

2. In Cold Blood (Old level 35) - Icon could have an image of a de-masked Geir, with an angry look to his face.

The Mountain Man does not allow anyone to escape his territory, and will hunt them down and kill them, before they can tell the authorities about him.

Upon taking a chase with a Survivor, gain a (10%) burst of speed for 2/2.5/3 seconds, but shortens your lunge range (50%) during this time

This effect has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds, and works similarly to an Exhaustion perk for Survivors where the cooldown does not decrease during a chase.

3. Vengeful Iceman (Old level 40) - Icon could have an image of Geir, with his signature pickaxe.

Remembering his parents' betrayal, the Mountain Man has an inner rage that gives him an unnatural strength.

Perform break actions and window vaults 10% faster, and recover 20/25/30% faster from any negative status effect, including flashlights, flashbangs and blast mines.

Additionally, blinding attempts exposes the survivor for 15 seconds, and reveals their aura for 5 seconds.

Add-on ideas, and killer belongings

* Newspaper piece - Tells the story about Geir as a boy who went missing.

* Box of rings - Not the kind of items that people forget.

* Olympic games hat - An item from a previous victim. 

* Car keys - Stolen items from previous victims.

* Family Photo - A memorabilia from when Geir was a boy.

* Fishing net - An item from his younger days, when living around a lake.

* Oil lamp - A source of lighting, when the power generator is not running.

* Ski gear - Taken from unsuspecting people who came to the lodge.

* Old food tray - Remnants of a dinner that Geir made a long time ago.

* Hermetic cans - Old cans from the pantry

* Rusted Chains - Unclear what kind of use they are of.

* Bear Traps - To trap the tool shed.


Common (brown): 

Stolen Memorabilia - Small items stolen from victims who strayed upon the lodge, after the 1994 Olympic Winter games

Disables the ability to stalk, but gain these bonuses in return:

After vaulting a window, gain a 5% Haste status effect for 20 seconds.

Gain 200% more Bloodpoints in the Deviousness category and 100% more Bloodpoints in the Brutality category

Car keys - Stolen from unsuspecting victims who strayed upon the lodge.

Movement speed while stalking is increased by 5%

Newspaper piece - A sentimental piece perhaps. Has a picture of Geir and his parents in the article.

Stalking is 25% faster, but each time you gain a token, the Survivors can see your aura for 2 seconds.

Empty tomato can - Morten Tobias' failed attempt of getting something to eat. Wonder what Geir needed this for?

Replaces the ability to stalk with a periodical passive Undetectable status effect (15 seconds) at a 30 second cooldown.

Uncommon (yellow):

Jerry Can - A source for fueling the large generator in the basement, but Geir found another use for it and its contents.

Stalking is 40% faster, but Geir can not progress past Tier 2. Instead, gain a 1% Haste status effect for each token gained.

Old prison tray - Used to prepare dinner on. 

Downing a Survivor while fully stalked only removes 3 tokens.

Family photo - A larger, and framed photo of Geir and his parents. Sentimental value perhaps.

Basic attacks inflict Mangled on Survivors

Worn wooden sled - The sled used to carry victims into the glacier. - Channels a scarier and more powerful side of Geir.

Sets the base terror radius to 24 meters, base movement speed to 110%, and modifies the power to have the following effects (note: can not be combined with other add-ons that modifies his power): 

1 token - Reveals Survivors auras for 3 seconds every time they performs rushed actions.

2 tokens - Gain a 2% Haste status.

3 tokens - Survivors will periodically scream in terror when they are outside of your terror radius.

4 tokens - Vaulting windows and breaking pallets is 40% faster

Rare (green):

Lodge Blueprints - Geir studied the layout of the lodge a lot, to learn every possible trick and secret about the place.

Vaulting windows is 20% faster, and blocks any nearby pallets (16 meters) for 10 seconds.

Olympic ski hat - A collective ski hat taken from a previous victim.

Performing a break action grants a 5% Haste status for 12 seconds (20 second cooldown)

Old Tarps - Used by Jannicke to hide from Geir, when he chased her down into the basement.

Stalking is 40% faster, but Geir can not progress past Tier 3. While carrying a Survivor, recover 40% faster from basic attacks.

Rusted Chains - Geir keeps these in his basement room, for unclear reasons. - Somehow channels the inner strength of Geir.

Modifies the power to grant the following effects (note: can not be combined with other add-ons that modifies his power):

1 token - Survivors within your Terror Radius will periodically scream.

2 tokens - Basic attacks inflict Deep Wound status

3 tokens - Recover 30% faster from basic attacks.

4 tokens - Recover 30% faster from disabling effects. (pallet stuns, blinds etc.)

Very Rare (purple):

Rusty Bear Traps - Geir keeps a few bear traps on hand to capture his victims, or to capture animals.

Gains a special ability, which adds three bear traps in the inventory. These are fully camouflaged once placed, can not be disarmed, and can only be set once. 

Survivors stuck in a trap will scream, and reveal their location, and can only attempt to free themselves (after 6 seconds of constant skill checks). Doing so will put the Survivor in a Deep Wound state.

Gain a 100% bonus to Bloodpoints gained in the Deviousness category when capturing Survivors this way.

Eirik's Keys - Bundle of keys with a teddybear keychain. Dropped after he was ambushed by Geir.

Basic attacks on unsuspecting Survivors (not in a chase) inflicts the Broken status effect for 90 seconds.

Spent shotgun shell - The shotgun shell used by Jannicke when Geir tricked her.

Stalking is 40% faster, and reveals Survivors aura for 5 seconds after stalking them, but they can see your aura for 3 seconds as well.

Ingunn's Bloodstained Necklace - The necklace Ingunn dropped on the floor right before meeting the pointed end of Geir's pickaxe. - Channels the bloodthirst and makes Geir relentless in chases.

Modifies the power to grant the following effects (note: can not be combined with other add-ons that modifies his power):

1 token - Gain a 2% Haste status. 

2 tokens - Basic attacks inflict Mangled and Hemorrhage until the survivor is healed.

3 tokens - Survivors suffer a 10% Hindered status.

4 tokens - Pools of blood left by Survivors are replaced by trails of blood that gets more intense the fresher they are, and injured survivors does not leave scratch marks while in a chase.

Iridescent (red):

Iridescent Police Shotgun - The shotgun used by Camilla, and subsequently by Jannicke to finally put an end to Geir's reign of terror.

Grants a special power that turns the basic attacks into ranged attacks (24 meter range).

Geir can now throw his pickaxe.

Attacks will now inflict Deep Wounds, Mangled and Hemorrhage, but Geir will also have to retrieve his pickaxe afterwards. A subsequent hit will put the Survivor in the dying state.

Broken Pickaxe - The head and the broken hilt of the pickaxe that Jannicke threw into Geir's back. Channels an inner pain, and an unimaginable rage.

Stalking takes 100% longer, but the following effects are gained in addition to the regular ones (note: can not be combined with other add-ons that modifies his power):

Sets the base terror radius to 16 meters, and reduces the base movement speed to 105% (4.2 m/s)

1 token - Survivors auras are shown for 8 seconds after gaining a token.

2 tokens - You are completely immune to any disabling effect for 10 seconds after gaining a token.

3 tokens - Generators not being worked on are blocked for 30 seconds

4 tokens - Survivors are exposed for 60 seconds and you gain a 5% Haste status.

Downing a Survivor will reset 3 tokens.

* This will undoubtedly be a very scary add-on.

Survivor: Jannicke (No known last name)

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: Light-skinned, dark short haircut, athletic frame and average height.

Backstory: Not much is known about who Jannicke was before the events in the mountains. 

She and her friends from school wanted a nice weekend in the mountains of Jotunheimen. 

She is 23 years old, and is dating a guy named Eirik at the time of the events.

After her friend Morten Tobias has a bad accident, she discovers an abandoned lodge tucked within the mountains.

She quickly took the lead, and started taking care of Morten, including setting his leg, and closing the wound with a tube of super glue.

After partying on some old booze with her friends, they decided to spend the night at the lodge before attempting to get help the next morning.

That turned out to be a bad idea!

Survivor II: Camilla (No known last name)

Gender: Female

Age: In her late 20's 

Appearance: Light-skinned, long dark curly hair, average sized, and average height.

Can be obtained as a legendary skin for Jannicke.

Survivor perks:

1. Thrillseeker - Going with the theme that Jannicke is a snowboarder. - Icon should have a picture of Jannicke on her snowboard.

Speed and heights excite you, and this applies to the perils of the trials too.

While in a chase: Completely ignores the stagger effect after falling down. Sucessful performance (not getting hit within 5 seconds of landing) will also reduce any Exhaustion timer by 33% of its current duration.

This has a cooldown of 40/35/30 seconds.

2. Creative Mending - Based on the events when her friend breaks his leg. - Icon should contain a makeshift splint and a tube of superglue.

Jannicke cares a lot about her friends, and she is never afraid to provide help and support when needed, in any way possible.

Once a Survivor is put into the injured state, the perk activates.

Gain the ability to see other Survivors within a 128 meter range, and a 60/80/100% increase to all altruistic healing speeds

Once you heal a survivor to the healthy state, the perk goes on cooldown for 60 seconds 


Every time a Survivor is injured (including yourself), gain a token (up to 8). The perk provides stronger effects, the more tokens you have.

1 token: Gain the aura reading ability to see Survivors within a 128 meter range.

2 tokens: Gain a 30/40/50% increase to all healing speeds

3 tokens: Gain a 1/1.5/2% Haste status

4 tokens: Gain the ability to block aura reading by the killer.

5 tokens: Gain a 60/80/100% increase to all altruistic healing speeds

6 tokens: Gain a 2/3/4% Haste status

7 tokens: Gain an aura around you for 4/6/8 meters that gives all the previous benefits to allies in range.

8 tokens: You can heal yourself at 60/80/100% normal speed without a med-kit.

Performing a successful healing action reduces your tokens by 4. This also applies to allied healing done within your aura (if 7 or more tokens are earned).

3. Situational Calmness - Jannicke knows to stay calm and collected in critical situations - Icon shows Jannicke making a "shh" with a determined look on her face.

After being in chase for 30 seconds, this perk activates. 

Grants the following effects: 

Upon being already injured, or taking a protection hit for someone, you are completely silent for 40/50/60 seconds, and leave no scratch-marks or blood pools for this duration.

The perk goes on cooldown for 80 seconds afterwards, but does not need to be re-activated by being in a chase.

Jannicke and Camilla on the cover of the second movie.

The killer himself. also known as "The Mountain Man"