My The Nurse Cosplay

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From the void she kills.

Hello! I would like to share my Nurse cosplay, which we shot with a wonderful photographer last summer.

I really hope that we managed to convey the eerily beautiful atmosphere of this game!🌲

Cosplay by Riness (Victoria Korsunova) ~ 🌲

Photo by Dzera (Eugenia Dzera) ~ 🌲

#cosplay #nurse #deadbydaylight



  • THE_Crazy_Hyena
    THE_Crazy_Hyena Member Posts: 156

    Wow, that is impressive. Awesome costume and photography too

  • Raconteurminator
    Raconteurminator Member Posts: 360

    Holy hell, that's good.

  • nars
    nars Member Posts: 1,124

    thats amazing!

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,012

    This is insanely good cosplay. It looks like scenes from a big budget movie its so good.