IT chapter

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Killer: The Deity

Weapon: mantis claw

Height: Average


Weaker Apart: The Bond Of Friendship keeps survivors stronger together and weaker apart. If a survivor is alone they experience the exhausted status effect while you receive an 8% speed buff for the duration they are alone.

In The Sewers: You have been a creature of the sewers since Derry was first built. All basements become 100% darker and survivors receive the oblivious status effect while inside. Flashlights can be used to see through the darkness, battery becomes unlimited for the duration a survivor is in the basement.

Take It Georgie: You retain the ability to mimic kindness when you are nothing but evil in reality. Survivors become highlighted for 3 seconds and receive the exposed status effect for 10 seconds after searching a chest.

legendary skin: Mr. Baldo

Map: Neibolt House

Description: An old wooden house with holes in the floorboards and strange rooms, including a doll room and a room with 3 doors with “Very Scary”, “Scary”, and “Not Scary At All”. You can go into the cellar to find an entrance to the Derry sewer system but you can also go into the back yard to find a storm drain that leads into the sewer as well.


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    The balloon idea is neat, but -25% gen speed is very brutal considering it is a power and not a hex that can be cleansed.

    There is no explanation for why we are stalking as the Scary Lady (did you have an effect in mind).

    I do think the transformations are somewhat too strong, but I do like that they have to be earned and can be canceled. Still flashlight stunning or pallet stunning a 150% speed killer before he eats your face seems unlikely.

    Weaker Apart is insanely over powered. What constitutes alone? Does the speed boost stack for each alone survivor? Also Perks need a yellow/green/and purple value.

    Take it Georgie would not be a viable perk in this state. Chests aren't reliably opened by survivors and rarer still if a killer is near. Then when you receive the indication you have only 10 seconds to catch them. Hubris gives 10 seconds of exposed at yellow tier when the survivor is near enough to stun you.

    IT would be my dream chapter though, and I really hope it gets in the game soon. I know Mathieu Cote said it's a favorite of his as well!

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    I was thinking the scary lady would just have the pig crouch type of stalk, you don’t earn anything besides being stealthy as scary lady.