Very very nice midchapter, vote 9/10, well done!

For real, very very very nice changes, almost all of them, really really good job with the consistency!

Some concerns I have:

-Scourge Hook: Hangman's Trick seems fairly week, it should have an extra effect, or have a much bigger range.

-Spine Chill should keep the terror radius's strength, because it really helps in loops with tall walls with mindgames, so, please, don't remove that!

-Wiretap didn't need to be nerfed to 50% repair, it should be kept to 33%. Also allow the radius to be extended by Open Handed.

For the rest, very very very nice and well needed changed, really good job!


  • Leonardo1ita
    Leonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,157

    Also Territorial Imperative having a bigger cooldown is not good, it should stay the same or have an even lower one.