My concept for a Tomb Raider collab in dbd

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I have always wanted tomb raider, and Lara, to cross into the fog, and seeing the License show up in the recent survey has gotten me (maybe foolishly) hopeful. I actually made up a concept with possible legendries as skins, and Lara as a survivor. I have not thought of a killer yet but I will post some possible candidates for fun. Has anyone else made up ideas for TR in dbd?

Possible Killers:

Jacqueline Natla: The Atlantean, power: The Seventh Age (Tomb Raider 1, Anniversary, Underworld)

Father Mattias: The Solarii, power: Himiko's Will (Tomb Raider 2013)

Amanda Evert: The Wraith, Power: The Unknown Entity (Tomb Raider Legend, Underworld)