Rank my custom survivor out of 10

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Name: [random name]

Skill Level: Difficult

Backstory: Lazy to find him a story but basically he is a suicidal depressive who has found a passion for danger and becomes an adrenaline junkie



You like to play with your life the more you play with death the more you invest yourself, you after 20 seconds of pursuit you will get 1 token (3 cumulative) after each token you gain 2% vault speed and 1% movement speed Death Waltz fades out after being hit or 20 seconds after chasing ends ‚ Death Waltz causes exhaustion


Your addiction to adrenaline leaves you to make more and more crazy bets ‚ Double or quit allows you to hide in one of two adjacent lockers while letting the killer know (precision: there will be marks in front of the two lockers) quits or doubles is activated when the killer opens one of the two lockers if he falls on the empty locker he will no longer be able to see the marks or the aura of the survivors for 60 seconds seconds (animation of the survivor who comes out to surprise the killer by pushing him or something like that) but it also has a price if the killer finds you and hangs on you you will be directly in phase 2 (Dead if already reached)

Quit or double can only be activated once

Competence N°3: SOLE EXISTENCE

You have a knack for pissing off killers and you don't mind that, Sole Existence applies when you blind the killer. For 30 seconds, when sole existence activates the killer will only see you, aura and the marks of other survivors will be invisible to him but the killer will see your aura for 10 seconds and your marks will be more visible and take 3 seconds more to fade away Single existence has an cooldown of 25 seconds

Feel free to make modification to fix the perks to your opinion and say it if it is straight trash

Thank you for reading