New killer Idea

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The witch. Perk: bloody vengeance: your thirst for vengeance only gives you strength. Placing a survivor in the injured state gives you 12% haste, this can be added on to and only goes away once a survivor is unhooked from a hook.

perk: Hex: Binding: a ritual used to stop you from escaping. While the totem is active healing, repairs and other actions takes 15% longer.

perk: scourge hook: hanged man: 4 random hooks are replaced with a noose slowing the unhooking process and and exhausting the saved survivor.

power: cursed flame: the witch throws projectile fire cursing any survivor it hits. There are 5 stages to the curse.

1: the exhaustion effect

2: the broken effect

3: the hindered effect

4: the madness effect

5: the exposed effect

4 black candles are spread across the map, each one representing a survivor, when a survivor is cursed the candle is lit and must be put out to break the curse. Once on the 4th stage of the curse the candles white aura is then revealed to the cursed survivor. The curse can progress over time or can be instantly bumped up a level if hit with another cursed flame projectile.

special power: flames of betrayal: as the witch was betrayed by someone close she hates those who would betray their teammates. If at least 2 survivors are on stage 4 of the curse or all 4 survivors are cursed once someone is downed the witch can summon a stake near by. Once the downed survivor is placed on the stake it lights aflame and the any survivor who does save the staked survivor suffers the exposed effect for 45 seconds with aura’s revealed to the witch.

Lore: Sarah harkness was a talented healer in a small Scottish town by the borders of England in and born in 1620. when doctors failed she would succeed. Her family were always known to be cunning and powerful members of the community and seemed to have at least one member with gifts of an unnatural sense. She became a renowned healer throughout her village and the outer villages as well with word of her gifts reaching far to the highlands. Her cousin Robert grew jealous of her, he was mad that he had no gifts and was nothing more than a town drunk. So on Sarah’s 39th birthday Robert accused her of being a dark sorceress who caused the illnesses only to cure them. Soon after the accusation Sarah was hung for 4 minutes on a noose as torture and then burned alive. With her final breath she claimed “heed my words and hear them well, for this is my final spell. When thy covens blood is spilled once more, I’ll be waiting to RISE ONCE MORE”. In the 20th century a young boy named Ambrose harkness with gifts of his own finds the records of his ancestors death and curiosity peaks, he goes to her final resting place below an unmarked grave and cuts his hand. As drops of blood flow she reaches from hell back to the mortal plain. Just b4 she can reach her claws into Ambrose he here’s the entities voice telling him to come to its realm. Sadly Ambrose listens opening a gate way to the hellish place trapping him and Sarah there in a forever game of cat and mouse for the entities entertainment.

Let me know what you guys think!