Survivors & Killers’ reaction to Nicolas Cage showing up (lore-wise)

B13ghtcrow Member Posts: 27

Now that Nick Cage has arrived at the Entity’s Realm, how do y’all think of everyone’s reaction to meeting him, lore-wise of course.


  • chatgiraffe
    chatgiraffe Member Posts: 112

    seeing a celebrity in the realm isnt even a new thing. i feel like some people are forgetting stuff like Kate being a musician, Jane being a talkshow host, and Trickster being a Kpop star.

    Personally, i think some of the more normal killers like ghostface would give a quick funny reaction, but the rest would just murder them like normal

    as for survivors, really just depends on their personalities. and when the killer comes to murder them, they wouldnt care if it was Nic Cage or Dwight, they're getting the hell out

  • koushe
    koushe Member Posts: 3

    During one match I saw The Dredge nodding respectfully when meeting Nick. I guess it's his fan.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,278

    Depends if any of the characters come from a world with a Nicholas Cage.

    People like The Trickster or Jane were celebrities on their worlds, but it's highly likely they may not be recognised by others. I have a feeling The Trickster would be narcissistic enough to be rather annoyed by this!

    My guess is the threat of being torn to shreds may override other survivors for wanting to get his autograph, but those who do recognise him may feel a burst of hope (yet more yummy emotions for the Entity!), so this would be a good score for the feeding process.

    As for killers, it depends if - on their world - they liked their version of Nicholas Cage. If they did, they may be merciful. If the Cage on their world was disliked, then he may be targetted for more punishment. All depends.