The Last NightMary Chapter idea

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This whole chapter was shaped around a local legend from where I was born. I won’t explain every detail ‘cause there’s a game about it and I’m more committed to explaining the gameplay mechanics on DBD. The Last NightMary is available on Steam, it’s a very experimental game made by a few visual art students from our local university. The game is the same age as Dead by Daylight. I hope you guys dig this horror story.

The Last NightMary chapter introduces a new status effect:

Liability status effect

You are immune to damage for the duration of the status effect:

·     Hitting skill checks regresses healing and generator progress by -3%

·     fast vaulting windows block them for 14 seconds

·     fast vaulting pallets breaks them instantly

·     Sandbagging teammates in general grant special score points.

There can only be one survivor suffering from this effect at a time.



It’s about time we have an elder survivor, so here is my request. In the original tale, the monster needs to kill 7 Virgin Maries to end his curse and become a man again. Well, after the village had suffered with the terrible loss of 6 children, a few women come together and make a deal with our beloved entity to trap the monster in the entity’s realm. Our female survivor is now the last one standing decades after the deal was made. The monster is on the loose once again, filled with rage and revenge, determined to break his curse by killing her only grandson (his dead name was Mary).


Killer Power

Crispim/Cabeça de Cuia [his major ability is to turn survivors against each other]

The killer sets “water paths” to contaminate survivors with the drowning curse. Once they reach the full curse potential, they can be trapped in a cuia while in the Dying State (works similar to Pyramid’s power and cages of torment).

The default effects of the full drowning curse potential are:

·     Survivors leave a “slug trail” in the environment easily trackable by the killer and dangerous to other survivors;

·     the old “hex: ruin” skill checks for healing and repairing.


Power mechanics

·     Passively reaching full potential of the curse requires 45 seconds running or performing conspicuous actions: The curse grants a killer instinct notification once it reaches its full potential.

·     Repeatedly stepping on water paths doesn’t increase the progress of the curse, but contaminates windows lockers and pallets around it for 15 seconds. (a splashing kind of mechanic)

·     Contaminated windows, lockers and pallets spread the curse to survivors.

·     Slug trails also spread the curse to survivors who step on it.

·     For each contaminated survivor, the curse reaches full potential +5% faster.


Counterplay: Survivors can cleanse themselves on blessed puddles of water scattered inside the map, trading the curse for the Liability status effect for 45 seconds. (There can only be one survivor suffering from this effect at a time). Cleansing at the puddles grants immunity from contamination for 60 seconds, plus the immunity timer is paused for the duration of the Liability status effect.


Iridescent addon

I feel like iridescent addons in general should randomize the killer perks and maybe change the game mode, instead of only granting super strong abilities to the killer. I just couldn’t conceive an interest game mode. I kept thinking about some kind of capture the flag (conquer and survive) sort of game mode, but nothing solid.


Survivors Perks

 Maria Helena de Sousa perks – she’s a retired artist

Fight back [cunty annoying perk]

Fight back grows in power and gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 3 Tokens, by taking a protection hit. Each Token applies a stack-able movement speed penalty of 4/5.5/7% per Token, up to a maximum of 12/16.5/21% to the killer while carrying you.  Fight back consumes all tokens at once and deactivates for the remainder of the Trial after use. Fight back deactivates once the exit games are powered.


Coisa de vó/Grandma’s special care [anti-tunneling perk]

You can trade a Hook Stage with a survivor who have progressed two Hook Stages. You become the obsession by activating the perk and your aura is revealed for 7/6/5 seconds to all the other players. Grandma’s special care deactivates after use or following the first Hook Stage. (kiss forehead animation?)


Lambedor/Grandma’s secret medicine [“get aggro” perk]

After completing a healing action on a survivor suffering from exhaustion, blindness, oblivious or broken status effect, Grandma’s secret medicine activates. You trade any of the particular status effects for an additional 50/40/30 seconds, fully recovering the inflicted survivor. Grandma’s secret medicine doesn’t trigger the Injured State and cannot be used when suffering from Exhaustion.

Context: Lambedor is a homemade cough medicine made by the elders. They got these secret family recipes and there’s a lot of versions with different ingredients. The base ingredients are usually honey, herbs and raw garlic gloves.


Jonathan de Sousa perks – he’s an actor

Boon “Dry run” [useful niche perk]

All Survivors benefit from the following effects when inside the Boon Totem's radius:

·     Recover from exhaustion 2/5/10% faster.

·     Healthy survivors recover from exhaustion while running.


Turning tables [funny perk]

Every time a generator is completed, your scratch marks and pools of blood are transferred to the killer for 10/20/40 seconds. Other survivors can see your scratch marks at all times.


Roleplayer [information perk]

Roleplayer gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 5 Tokens, each time you succeed at a Great Skill Check while repairing generators. Whenever the killer receives a killer instinct notification, it consumes 1 token and you are granted the notification as well.


Killer perks

Scourge Hook: Last Mary [cunty annoying perk]

gain 1 Token, up to a maximum of 5 Tokens for each hooking action on scourge hooks. Each token inflicts the obsession with the following stack-able penalties:

1 token – breathing and grunts of pain are 150% louder;

2 tokens - supresses the ability to recover from Blindness, Broken, Exhaustion and Oblivious status effect;

3 tokens – conspicuous actions have a -30% speed penalty;

4 tokens – Hindered status effect -15%; the aura of the obsession is supressed for other survivors.

5 tokens – permanent Exposed status effect and the killer is granted the ability to kill by his own hands.


You gain 2 tokens once the exit gates are powered.

Hooking or switching the obsession consumes 1 token.

Sacrificing survivors on scourge hooks consumes 3/2/1 token.

Reaching the maximum capacity before EGC prevent tokens from being consumed.


Counteraction [strong useful information perk]

Counteraction activates 3 seconds after a protection hit event. You receive a killer instinct notification for 4/6/10 seconds on the furthest survivor from your location.


Hex: Wounded Flesh [“strong” cleansable useful perk]

For each survivor suffering from deep wound status effect triggered by endurance, gain a 10/15/25% stack-able speed bonus on vaulting windows, damaging generators and breaking pallets or breakable walls.

Wounded Flesh increases Self Mending time by +8 seconds.

You can see the aura of survivors being mended by another teammate.