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the equipment perk is displayed in the lobby

peti28 Member Posts: 25

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• Platform

steam(some steam users)

• Description of the issue

 the equipment perk is displayed in the lobby

• Steps to reproduce (if possible)

displayed in the lobby

• How often does this occur

It has always been shown since about May 18, 2023.

Since about May 18 the equipment perk is displayed in the lobby.

This seems to be happening only for some steam users.

Is it possible that an unannounced future implementation plan has been temporarily distributed by mistake and has been implemented for users who received it?

It is strange that only some users are seeing this.

This does not interfere with game play. If it is a bug, please remove it as soon as possible.

If it is not a bug, please update it so that it is displayed to all users on all platforms so that it is equal.

It is unfair that only some users continue to be displayed.

I found a similar report in the past, but there was no answer, so I thought it might have been overlooked and reported it. I have always wondered what this perk is, and would appreciate an answer.


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