New Chapter Idea: Collective Pain

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Hello everyone ! I'm back with another chapter idea. I have posted many different chapter ideas before, but I feel like this is my best one yet. This is a completely original chapter featuring one killer and one survivor. Let me know what you think in the comments, and feel free to ask questions ! I will answer everything asked.

Killer: The Assimilator

115% movement speed

40-meter terror radius


A deformed, human-adjacent mannequin with 4 legs and 1 arm, which has all of its fingers carved into sharp claws. Instead of having a left arm, this killer pops hundreds of tiny hands out of its left side on command to do anything requiring its left arm, such as picking up survivors.

Power: Together Again

At the start of the trial, 8 mannequins randomly spawn around the map. The killer may press the interact button on a nearby mannequin they are looking at to assimilate it after a 5 second animation. After assimilation, the mannequin is destroyed and never respawns. Each mannequin assimilated increases the killer’s default speed by 1% and slows down all survivors’ interaction speeds by 2%.


This ability is on cooldown at the start of the trial. After a 40 second cooldown, the killer may activate this ability by pressing the secondary action button. Doing this plays a global sound cue before causing all currently alive mannequins to start chasing the nearest survivor at 25% movement speed. A mannequin’s first hit injures, the second hit applies deep wound, and the third hit downs. Mannequins will actively try to stay away from downed survivors if another survivor is not nearby to chase. These mannequins can only be deactivated if a survivor finds the book of curses or if a survivor is removed from the trial in any way (except for a disconnect). After hunt deactivates, revival goes on cooldown.

Book of Curses

This item randomly spawns somewhere after the killer initiates the hunt ability. It appears as a book standing on a pedestal. Any survivor can approach the pedestal and interact with it to pick up the book of curses, a killer item. The survivor carrying the book of curses can hold the use item button to do a 15 second animation that will cause intermittent difficult skill checks that will end the hunt once finished.


Once revival is activated after hunt, a 2 minute cooldown is started for revival. After this 2 minute cooldown, the killer may press the secondary action button to begin revival. Once revival begins, 2 new mannequins will be created. These mannequins, like the others, can be assimilated. These 2 new mannequins will be highlighted in a white aura to the killer and survivors at all times. If these 2 new mannequins are both assimilated by the killer, the killer gains access to the calamity ability. The survivors can stop this from happening by interacting with one of these 2 new mannequins, which will give them the mannequin part killer item as usual. If a survivor carrying a mannequin part is downed by any means, the killer assimilates the mannequin part, giving them progress towards 1 of the 2 highlighted mannequin assimilations required to unlock the calamity ability.


This ability must be activated before the killer is allowed to use it. Holding the power button will charge this ability up after a 1 second animation. While this power is charged, the killer will go into a crawling state, making the killer half the height of a short killer and bringing the camera down to that level. While in this state, the killer’s terror radius is reduced to 10 meters, and the killer is slowed down by 10%. Pressing the attack button while in this state will cause the killer to do a pounce, launching the killer forwards and into the air, instantly putting any survivor it comes into contact with into the dying state. After using this pounce ability, calamity goes on cooldown for 30 seconds.

Mannequin Part

Any survivor can interact with a mannequin to permanently destroy it and acquire the mannequin part killer item after a 5 second animation. If a survivor holds onto the mannequin part item for 25 seconds without being put into the dying state, the mannequin part is removed from the trial. If a survivor carrying a mannequin part is downed by any means, the killer assimilates the mannequin part, which acts like a normal mannequin assimilation.


Organic Collection

For each survivor sacrificed or killed, this perk gains a token

For each token collected, you gain a 1/1.5/2% haste effect.

This perk deactivates once the exit gates are powered.

Scourge Hook: Fear Eater

Up to 4 normal hooks are converted into scourge hooks around the map, which are highlighted in white.

When a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, this perk activates.

Your next basic attack inflicts the deep wound status effect and applies exhaustion for 20/25/30 seconds. If the survivor you hit is already injured, your basic attack instead puts the survivor into the dying state, removes 10/15/20% of the survivor’s bleed-out meter, and lowers the survivor’s recovery speed by 20% until the survivor is revived or hooked.

Hex: Crusher

This perk starts the trial with 2 tokens.

This perk starts the game on a 40/30/20 second cooldown.

When near a generator you can choose to hold the active ability button 1 to block the generator for an infinite amount of time, causing its aura to turn white and appear to all survivors. Doing this removes 1 token, turns a random dull totem into a hex totem, and causes this perk to go on a 50/40/30 second cooldown. When one of these hex totems is cleansed, the generator attached to it is unblocked.

Survivor: Norman Hall

A Victorian engineer who constructed buildings but had a side passion for the occult. He dreamed of bringing inanimate objects to life. One day, he got his wish, but his creation was a being only capable of inflicting torture and suffering.



After having cleansed or blessed a totem and having spent 50/40/30 seconds inside the killer’s terror radius (including being chased), press the active ability button 1 while standing still and looking at a destructible wall or pallet to destroy it after a 5 second delay. You can also stand still and look at a destroyed wall or destroyed pallet to reconstruct it after a 5 second delay. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/30/20 seconds. After the cooldown ends, the terror radius timer is allowed to begin again.

Boon: Translocation

Press the active ability button 1 on a totem to bless it and turn it into a boon totem after a long interaction.

This boon has a radius of 8/16/24 meters.

While inside the boon radius, all survivors’ auras are highlighted to you. Additionally, you may hold the active ability button 2 to perform a 20 second long animation while looking at the aura of a survivor to lock onto them during the animation and teleport them to the boon’s location after the animation ends. A survivor cannot be teleported if they are being chased. A teleported survivor will make a loud noise notification at their old location and be afflicted with the hindered status effect for 15/12/10 seconds after finishing being teleported.

Creator’s Connection

This perk increases your chance of becoming the obsession. This perk deactivates if you are not the obsession and reactivates whenever you once again become the obsession.

This perk gains a token whenever a generator is finished by you.

When you are unhooking a survivor and have at least 1 token, you are immune to the killer’s attacks, consuming 1 token for every attack you resist. After consuming a token, this perk goes on cooldown for 20/15/10 seconds. This perk does not affect grabs.

This perk deactivates permanently when the exit gates are powered.


  • TurboTOne
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    There is just too much going on with that Killer Power.

    Wayyyyyy too complicated.

    Organic Collection

    sounds kinda meh. Also it could promote Tunneling which should not be rewarded.

    Fear eater

    This could Promote Slugging which is also something we shouldn't buff

    Hex: Crusher

    And now we have something to make 3 Gens stronger which also should really not be buffed. We just came from the 3 Gen Meta.


    Sounds honestly too strong of an effect especially since you can charge it up while being inside a Chase. There are some breakable Walls you need to break as a Killer in Order to play the Game. Just a few uses of this Perk and the right Team of friends and i would absolutely start hating this Perk.


    I don't think you should have the Ability to just straight up teleport someone to you. Most importantly not against their will. Also having Perks like these would make it harder to tell apart from cheaters.

    Creator's Connection

    This one is just too strong. I know there is a bazillion Restrictions but still.

    Overall i like that you're creative and trying something yourself. But you seem to make things way to complicated. Keep it simple.

    Also, just because something is heavily restricted doesn't mean it should be too strong.

    Still. Keep doing this. Post like these are the reason i even come to the Forums :D

  • LittenKitten
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    Hello ! I agree with everything you said and if I make an edit to this idea I will definitely be reworking a lot of these perks and perhaps the power some, too. Thank you !