A collection of perk ideas

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Sometimes when I think of a perk idea that I think might be cool, I put it in the notes section on my phone. I've accumulated a couple "decent" ones over like, 2 years, and thought I should actually tell someone about them. I'm no game balancer, but at the very least I think they're solid foundations for real perks we might see someday :)

Survivor perks:

Safehaven: (You look on the bright side)

Gain 1/2/3% haste when within X meters of a completed generator.

Good Listener: (You have a good sense for when danger is close)

You perceive the killer's terror radius from 4/6/8 meters further away. [Both to benefit of hiding early and Distortion/Stakeout and detriment like Coulrophobia/Unnerving Presence]

Detail Oriented: (You pay close attention to things you might need to know later)

After breaking a totem, you see the auras of all totems for 1 second. After opening a chest, you see the auras of all chests for 1 second. After disarming a trap, you see the auras of all traps for 1 second. [This one probably needs an aura reading range scalar rather than a duration scalar]

Fairweather: (When things are good, so are you.)

While healthy, your repairing, cleansing, blessing, healing, unlocking, and opening speeds are increased by 8/9/10%. While injured, your repairing, cleansing, blessing, healing, unlocking, and opening speeds are decreased by 20%. You cannot heal yourself.

Trophy Collector/Perfectionist: (You find your strength in your victories)

Whenever you escape a chase without taking damage, this perk gains 1 token, up to 25.

Whenever another perk earns any amount of tokens, this perk also gains 1 token. (Cooldown of 15 seconds) Gain 1% action speed for every token this perk has. Lose all tokens when you take damage.

[A similar perk for killer with a payoff of being unable to lose tokens for collecting enough of them might be cool too. Unlimited Coup? Permanent PWYF? Eternally speedy STBFL on everyone? Probably need to collect a lot of tokens for that.]

Killer perks:

Entity's Favorite: (The Entity has taken a liking to this one. Keep tabs on them.)

You can see your obsession's aura whenever they are not within 12/10/8 meters of another survivor. Your obsession has Endurance. Whenever they are unhooked, they become healthy.

Hex: Overwhelming: (This hex is rooted in the stress of survivors incapable of completing all of their compounding objectives while under pressure)

While this totem burns, dull totems are blocked. Transfers itself to a new dull totem every time it is removed. For each dull totem still standing: All non-standard actions take 4/7/10% longer. When Hex: Overwhelming is the last totem standing, it extinguishes itself.

[A non-standard action is anything related to a killer's power that has a progress bar. This includes unlocking Mastermind's chests and using his sprays, clearing Artist's crows, removing Cenobite's chains and solving the Lament Configuration, cleansing from Plague's fountains, freeing an ally from Pyramid Head's cages, opening Nemesis' chests and using his vaccines, printing Singularity's EMPs and charging them, inserting or removing a videotape from Sadako's TVs, breaking Deathslinger's chain, wiping away Hag's traps, collapsing Demogorgon's portals, removing Doctor's madness, solving Pig's Jigsaw boxes, crushing Charlotte's... uh... Victor, grabbing Freddy's alarm clocks, and disarming or freeing yourself or someone else from Trapper's traps.]