Slenderman concept

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The Watcher

Active ability: Shroud

become temporarily invisible outside of an outline, moving incredibly fast. You cannot attack in this state. When a survivor looks at you for 3 seconds while in this state, youre exposed and stunned.

Secondary Ability: The Pages.

Generators are replaced with stacks of pages that have to be collected

If a survivor collects a page, it counts as one completed generator, 8 pages are required to open gates

If “The Legend” picks up a page he gets a speed boost for 15 seconds and survivors searching pages are revealed for 5 seconds


Hex: Unseen Terror

-You become obsessed with one survivor.

-When the obsession is downed this perk activates, you become undetectable by any survivor other than the obsession, when looked at you get a 3/4/5% haste boost and the survivor who spotted you is Exposed for 15 seconds.

-When any survivor is downed 4 times, this hex deactivates.

Dreadful Feeling

-When looking directly at a survivor, they have a 5/7/10% chance to fail a skill check instantly.

-They are also slightly slower in everything.

Demonic Escalation

-Each time a page is destroyed (or a generator is finished), this perk gains one token.

-For each token, the killers speed increases by 3/4/5%.

-The killer also instantly downs a survivor at max (3) tokens.

-Hooking a survivor removes one token.

-The amount of Pages/Gens required increases by 2/3/4

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