Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde concept

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The Conflicted

Primary Ability: Torn Into Two

Become a brutal inbetween between the great Doctor Jekyll and the dubious Mr Hyde, either being buffed to be able to help the survivors, or buffed to take them down, with an equal chance of either happening.

Secondary Ability: Unleash the Beast

When a generator is completed, you become Mr Edward Hyde, a fast and strong killer capable of throwing knives aswell as stabbing from a closer range and performing long lunges. The only way to reverse this is if the survivors locate the Revertive Phial in a random chest.

Both the survivors and killer will be rewarded extra bloodpoints if they escape with Dr Jekyll, but the killer will also gain extra bloodpoints for each sacrifice/kill as Mr. Hyde.


Twist the Knife

-If a survivor completes a generator within 25 meters of you, you become enraged, instantly bringing anybody you hit to the downed state. 

-Lasts 10/15/20 seconds.

Scourge Hook: The Doctor Has Left The Building

-If a survivor is unhooked from a scourge hook, no items work at all for 5/10/15 seconds.

King of Vice

-When you hook a survivor, every currently held item loses ¼/½/⅓ its uses, all of them if it only has one use.


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    whoops, posted this to the wrong section because i didnt realise there was one for creations and didnt realise the first one got moved, my bad

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    This is actually, incredibly interesting.

    The survivors can attempt to help Dr Jekyll to keep Hyde in check. Perhaps Mr Hyde can be stupidly broken on purpose, which encourages survivors to try and do this side objective.

    And I absolutely love the idea of Jekyll being able to escape with the other survivors. That is so interesting and unique.

    If this was actually expanded upon, it would be so so fascinating.

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    yeah, the whole hyde being a broken killer thing was the whole idea, because the way that the two bp incentives work together will force the killers and survivors into a gameplay loop

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    also i just really wanted to see a killer based in a really old book

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    also, maybe they could actually make a stealth based survivor build viable with this, with a survivor based on hiding