Killer Concept: The Crab

00Crab00 Member Posts: 8

Simple Idea: The Crab is a creature with a slow base speed that has a special ability to travel fast side ways. The idea is to have a high mobility killer that can handle tight loops; somewhat opposite of Hill Billy. The Crab can hit from it's shuffle with a powerful ground slam of its big claw. Survivors not hit by the attack can still be trampled causing a stun and/or hinder effect. The Crab can also scurry with carried survivors to make for quick hooks. The Crab cannot look in the direction where it is running to.

Perk Ideas

Scourge Hook: Sandtrap - Area around hooked survivors suffer from the Hinder effect X meters from the hook. The effect last X seconds after the survivor is unhooked.

Tidal Crush: Pallets cause damage to survivors when destroyed X meters away.

Hex: Sea Sickness: Skill Check Circles become distorted, wavey, and somewhat stretched. The intensity grows over the match period.