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I’m doing a free to join tournament! I’m going to end up doing a paid one with prize money, but want to kink out the rules first. The tournament will be Sunday, August 13th, and you can join by messaging me on Playstation (Revivedbeast184) or Discord (Revivedbeast184#3344). Here are the rules!

P.S. Here is a link to the Discord server, you will need this for important information as well as your teams…

Point System

This is by far the most important section, as it will 

determine how you will actually win your games. The points are broken down into killers and survivor points, and every team will play both killer and survivor, with their team's points being added together at the end of the round. Since the bracket will be randomly generated, the team randomly selected first (also known as higher seed) will call heads or tails, and the winner of that will pick whether they play killer first or second. Final note- any DC throughout the game will result in 0 points for your team that game. 


  • For every sacrifice you will receive 5 points, for a maximum of 20 points
  • For every hook you will receive 3 points, for a maximum of 36 points (note: this is per hook not hook stage, so camping will passively penalize you)
  • Any basement hook will reward you with 1 bonus point, with a maximum of 4 bonus points (sorry leatherface I’m capping you). 
  • You will receive points for not allowing generators to be completed. You will be rewarded with 3 points with 1 generator remaining, 5 points with 2 remaining, 10 points with 3 remaining, 15 points for 4 remaining, and 20 points if not a single generator was completed during the entire trial. 

If you do everything perfectly, you will receive a maximum of 80 points in one game!


  • For every generator completed, you receive 4 points, and if the exit gates are opened, you will receive an additional 5 points, for a maximum of 25 points.
  • For every unhook, you will receive 3 points, up to a maximum of 24 points
  • For every heal, your team will gain 1 point, for a maximum of 11 points
  • If one survivor escapes, your team will gain 4 points, if 2 survivors escape, you will gain 10 points, 3 survivors escaping will grant you 15 points, and if all 4 survivors escape, your team will gain 20 points

If you do everything perfectly, you will receive a maximum of 80 points!! 


The way we are deciding maps is by having a pool of 

10 maps to choose from, and the killer will strike 4 maps, the survivors will strike 4, and the killer will choose from the final 2. You will also not be allowed to repeat maps, so whichever team played killer the first round may only strike 3 maps in the second game (since they chose the map last game). Here are the available maps: 

  • Wreckers Yard
  • Coal Tower
  • Torment Creek
  • Sanctum Of Wrath
  • Dead Dawg Saloon
  • Suffocation Pit
  • Rancid Abattoir
  • Father Campbells Chapel
  • Mount Ormond Resort
  • Lery’s Memorial Institute 


I want to make the perk selection interesting- so bear 

with me, and remember this is subject to change if it is not popular…

  • The survivors may select one of 2 options: 
  1. They may ban 5 killer perks. 


  1. They may ban 3 killers, but the killer is allowed to get an addon buff for whoever they choose (will be discussed more in the next section)
  • The killer may do both of the following things:
  1. Ban 3 survivor perks
  2. Limit the use of 2 different perks to one person per team. 


  • Killer: 
  • You may bring addons of the following rarities:
  1. You may bring a Green addon and a Yellow addon


  1. You may bring a Purple addon and a Brown addon


  1. If the survivors strike a killer (it will be done blindly before the game starts) you may bring 2 Green addons. 

  • Survivor:
  • You are allowed to bring up to 2 of each of the following items (no addons will be allowed for anything):
  1. Up to 1 Yellow Toolbox Or Up to 3 Brown Toolboxes
  2. Up to 2 Green Flashlights
  3. Up to 2 Green Medkits or up to 1 Purple medkit
  4. Up to 2 Red Maps
  5. Finally, 0 Keys will be allowed (they are pretty useless besides an easy escape if everyone else dies).


The finals will be a best of 3, with all of the same rules 

(so you can play up to 6 of the maps, and the striking system will follow the same pattern). 

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