how are we all doing today?

Skittlesthehusky Member Posts: 654
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just wanted to check in with you guys and hear about your day again. its friday! for those who arent busy on the weekends, you get to chill soon! :)

if your day just started, share your plans!

i plan on playing some oni today. just got demo to p100!


  • pseudechis
    pseudechis Member Posts: 3,694

    Weekends in this house are typically for hikes and/or board games but I’m gonna sneak a few jump scare Myers sessions in there somewhere.

    Also maybe some Hard West, a great tactical combat game in a gritty western setting with an engaging story about vengeance from beyond the grave.

  • NoOneKnowsNova
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    I know its not Friday any more, but I went on a date on Friday and the guy was so nice :)

    Gonna go on a second one with him soon and I'm already looking forward to it.