Clown janky Animations and unable too look down and up as much

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As the title says The Developers went through with the janky Animations and such.

I am not mad. I am just dissapointed, with a little bit of rage mixed in.

To start off they made his hit cooldown animation EVEN WORSE than it was in the PTB.

Now it goes through his damn hand when wipping the blade, also during that animation there is still a slight forcement to look up and down just like it was in the PTB even though they said in the Patch Notes they will be removing that.

Him holding the bottle, throwing the bottle and reloading bottles are just like in the PTB, looking worse than before.

For context they made his wrist basically break when holding up bottles and when reloading his hand takes up more screen than before and when he throws bottles it looks like it's lagging out of his hand rather than it was before, it was a smoother throw.

There is more of course as he is unable too look down and up as much as some other killers.

Him being unable too look down and up makes his bottle throws a bit harder.

For example: I am chasing a Survivor and I KNOW they are about to throw the pallet since I am so close to them so I decide to switch to the Antidote to throw at my feet as they throw the pallet, and trying to do so makes it so I throw it more to the side the Survivor is on rather than my own.

Here is another example: I am chasing a Survivor and I decide to throw my Tonic (the purple gas) up in the air for it to land in a spot where it might hit the top of the loop making it spread across more and making it more promising to intoxicate the survivor, in this update I CAN'T DO THAT.

Idk if the DEVS actually saw my previous post about the distaste of those changes and were so petty to make it like this or something but if so that is both sad and hilarious.

Imagine if they did this for Huntress (maybe they did and I don't know since I don't watch many Huntress players) now idk it might not be too much of a problem as I think for them but she wouldn't be able to hit those Cross Map shots to put in her Montage.

Also side note I still don't like the new Portraits they look fan made rather than Dev made.

All in all this update made us evolve just backwards for the animations at least and I would like to know your opinion and which other killers have things like this happening to them

Thank you for giving the time to read all this and I hope you Eat good food, Hydrate and Have a good one.