I just discovered a DBD clone

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This weak I discovered a little game called Identity V through a random video of a custom figure, checked it out and I see someone looping a structure that looked awfully similar to the shack. I think BHVR also has some hand in it, but I never realized it before.

I actually started playing it. This game gives me war flashbacks to pre-BT basekit. Anyone else playing it? I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different currencies for every little thing they're selling. Just incredible and redundant.

I'm enjoying some Gardener and Perfumer for now. Blood Queen and Geisha look quite fun to play as. Geisha seems more straightforward imo.


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    Ah, IDV. Yeah, the core gameplay feels a bit similar to DBD but it's quite different in a lot of ways. Camping is pretty much essential since chair stages are 30 seconds each, but certain Survivors have really good tools to stun the Hunter/save really effectively. There's also old BT (applies to both people) as an unlockable trait in the Persona Web.

    The abilities system gives each Survivor more of a specialized role, which is cool. Survivors who are good at kiting/rescuing will usually have some sort of Cipher repair debuff, while Survivors who specialize in repairing will usually have some kind of chase debuff.

    Overall the abilities IDV have are a lot more crazy than the ones in DBD. It's a more fast paced game overall and you kinda have to play ruthlessly against a good team/hunter otherwise you stand no chance. Each side has crazy powerful tools to use against the other and the end result is surprisingly somewhat close to balanced.

    As for the currencies I'll give you a quick explaination:

    Echoes - The main premium currency, can only be bought. Some cosmetics are Echoes exclusive

    Inspiration - Can be bought with Echoes, or rarely found on the Logic Path. Used to buy Gacha pulls

    Fragments - Awarded when getting duplicate items from Gacha pulls, can be used to buy some cosmetics

    Clues - The main currency you get from playing the game, can be used to buy Characters, some Cosmetics and Gacha pulls but generally take a while to earn

    For Survivor I mainly play Professor, Forward and Cowboy. For Hunter I mainly play Breaking Wheel, Percy and Bonbon. They're all really fun characters but quite hard.

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    It seems to have retained a lot of old DBD mechanics and evolved alongside them from my experience so far. If I don't remember wrong shack also has 2 windows and the maps have huge amounts of pallets (although getting from a tile to another sometimes is not as easy since the maps are huge). It feels like the embranced the concept of broken mechanics and kept adding broken survivors/hunters on top of it, so somehow it balanced out. Although I only have the experience of 4 days.

    Geisha feels like Nurse but much easier. DH for distance still exists in this game as well. I think the only type of killers missing are stealth killers. Rescuing unless you are that type seems rather difficult for the most part and only seems to buy some time, sabo-ing seems useless as a solo (I played Gardener and I think I've only had one successful sabo so far) and wiggling impossible like 99.9% of the time, since if you're dropped and carried again you make no progress whatsoever. Just some of my thoughts. I feel like with DBD I can be a jack of all trades if I decide so, but not so much on IDV and am very limited by the character. Also NOED cannot be de-activated sooner than 2 mins, so that makes it a lot stronger.

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    Shack only has 1 window, and while there are a lot of pallets it's more difficult to get a stun, and you get punished with a hit if you drop them wrong.

    Geisha is pretty Nurse-like, yeah, but there are a couple of stealth-based Hunters in the game. Photographer and Dream Witch both have mechanics that let them get the drop on Survivors, and Ripper has a passively building cloak that makes him faster and harder to see.

    Also fun fact DH for distance was only added like 4 seasons ago I think? It got immediately nerfed like a week after it dropped too.

    With Gardener you'll want to pre-sabo as many chairs near the Hunter as possible, as they can't see the Aura of sabotaged chairs while carrying a Survivor, and that gets quite disorientating to find a chair if they've all been sabotaged. She does work best with other Rescue-type characters as she can force a Hunter to drop a Survivor which will open up an opportunity for a character like Forward or Cowboy to rescue from their grasp.

    You'll want to avoid rescuing unless while not playing a rescue-based character unless absolutely necessary, and against certain Hunters all you can really do is buy time. Which is fine considering that Ciphers go faster than Gens in DBD (there's a point in the match where they'll speed up).

    And yeah NOED (called Detention in IDV) is really strong and pretty much always used. The flip side is that Survivors can essentially 4 stack Adrenaline (called Borrowed Time in IDV which is quite confusing lmao) easily.

    I'd suggest watching a couple of beginner guides, especially one about the Persona Web as having the right build for your character is very important. There's a lot of weird mechanics and interactions which can make it a bit hard to learn everything, but if you stick with it you'll generally have a fun time with all of the crazy abilities. It can be frustrating sometimes because camping/tunneling are basically required to do well as a Hunter, but the Survivors have a lot more tools to directly hinder the Hunter unlike in DBD.

    Also you should be very aware that Gacha mechanics are pretty heavily pushed in the game. There's nothing really p2w you can get out of them but there are limited time cosmetics that can only be obtained through random chance. Try not to fall for the FOMO tactics otherwise it'll get really expensive quickly. It's a shame but with Netease you can't really expect anything else.

    It's a fun game though, and something I like to play when I'm sick of DBD and need something fresh. Would recommend unless you're prone to developing a gambling addiction.

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    To be honest the gacha part of it is extremely expensive and most of the S costumes aren't even my thing thankfully. Don't think it's worth spending money on this game via gacha. It's too expensive for guaranteed drops, took out my calculator just yesterday and I think to open 60 essences you need something like 5k to 6k Echos. That's a little less than 100 bucks, lmao. No way I'm spending that just to guarantee a good item. Would rather rely on luck and maybe saving up game currency you can get in game.

    Tbh Dream Witch looks really good as a design but when I've watched gameplay she seems incredibly boring (reminds me a bit of Twins) and it looks way more fun to control Victor imo. I still don't grasp Photographer although I see him very commonly in my games. I just know you lose progress if you haven't completed your gen by the time mirror world is gone and if you get chaired you end up in the dying state. Idk how he manages to take your picture etc. or how you're supposed to counter him, like do you go into the videos? I tried it once and everything was grey so I went back out lol.

    I've been watching some guides but I think I'll learn more things as I go along. Ofc when I have questions I need answering asap I do check it out through the wiki or videos.

    BTW, which server are you on? Can I add you? And how long have you been playing?

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    I swear idv has the same developers?