7.1.0 Deathslinger Animation - Return to original animation

During the PTB for 7.1.0 there was a lot of discussion about Killer animations when cleaning their weapons after a successful M1 hit on a survivor. After feedback in regards to the PTB the developers announced that they were not going forward with any animation changes in 7.1.0 which is fantastic!

However, Deathslinger (Along with some other killers) have had animation changes. As for this topic, I am focusing on Deathslinger. As someone who has mained this killer since release, and has over 5K hours in this game. I immediately was able to notice the difference. The new animation for cleaning his weapon is .5-1 second slower than his previous animation. M1 recovery animations are suppose to be 3 seconds, where as this one is 4 seconds. I know that does not sound like a lot of time, but in the grand scheme of the game the smallest second matters in many different ways.

Deathslinger is already a slow killer in many ways with a 4 Second ADS Nerf from 5.3.0 (with an additional second to fire in all reality), 2.75 Second Base Reload Speed (2 Seconds with Warden Keys and Ammo Belt Add-ons), a 66% Movement speed that gradually increases to 98% during the reloading animation before returning to 110% Base Speed. So the Deathslinger spends approximately 10.75 seconds collectively between ADS, Firing, Recovery, and Reload. Not including the time it takes to reel a survivor in, or how many shots it took to hit that survivor.

This new animation would make that a collective 11.75 seconds. I list these examples to help paint the picture of how time is important in every trial of DBD. He spends approximately 10.75 seconds just in his basekit features. In the grand scheme of things that is a lot of time considering most chases can take 30-40 seconds or more, especially if Deathslinger misses a shot or two. While generators without any influences from outside elements take 90 seconds solo, which as we all know, is never the case.

If we take into consideration this new animation and its animation timeline, we are only adding more slowdown on Deathslinger's natural basekit movements (firing, reloading, ect) which makes his quality of life feel that much worse. We are looking at this as a whole throughout the entirety of a match, not in the one instance of the animation in question. Which means throughout the course of a match, the Deathslinger will lose more and more time in chase, even in chases where he doesn't miss his shots.

Introducing a new unnecessary/unrequested animation change that is going to extend chases and overall make Deathslinger feel slower than he already is, isnt a healthy change. I have spoken about this on other platforms and spoken with other Deathslinger players, and I am not the only one who noticed it or feels this way.

We do want to formally request that it be changed back to the original animation. Thank you.

This Tweet (above) demonstrates the changes in more visual manner with side by side comparisons from before and after the 7.1.0 update. This tweet (below) was the original tweet to bring attention to this, where other Deathslinger mains also commented on the thread as well.


  • BlightedDolphin
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    Wow. I noticed his animation looked off, but I didn’t realise it was slower too. Hopefully they address this soon.

    I’ve also noticed other killers with animation changes but I don’t know if they also are slower. For example Ghost Face didn’t get his PTB animation reverted at all and now looks down and up. Clown’s camera slightly tilts to the side for some reason.

  • OsuchinRiberu
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    Yeah there are definitely a few other killers with some weird new animations carried over into the 7.1.0 update as well. But I don't have the experience to speak on those. Hopefully these changes are addressed and reverted.

  • Ghostlyboy
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    The new animation looks like something from dbd Mobile, change it back please to the original!

  • Ghostlyboy
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  • Flawless_
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    Has anyone checked if this is still the case in the current PTB?