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Just a quick thank you!

NomiNomad Member Posts: 3,179
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Hey there, hello, how you doin?

I used to be pretty active on these forums, but took a break from the game for about a year, I think. A few big changes have happened since then.

I have (very recently) discovered I'm pansexual. BHVR has been pretty pride-forward in the past, but this is a more of a thank you to the community.

While I haven't fully come out to my friends and family, interacting with this community has helped me accept this about myself. I've seen so many people, on this forum especially, be tolerant and incredibly accepting towards people of pride. I'm not sure if I ever would have accepted this about myself if I haven't been apart of some of the conversations on this forum.

So, thank you all, for making me feel accepted (even though a large portion of you probably have no idea who I am.)