Looking for people to play with that don’t take it to serious

Returning player to DBD looking for some memers to mess around with have fun and just banter

discord DumbDweet

add me if your down to meme around


  • Dauntless
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    edited September 2

    I’m game. I sent you a request. But I’m old and new haha. Old in body, newish to dbd but not fun if you can’t talk to anyone. I’m a goober and love good jokes memes of all type. I don’t get offended which is rare these days. Love dark humor. Anyway. Daauntless on discord which is about 5 mins old so idk how all this works. Darkarchon76 on Xbox for dbd

  • leon_help
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    hey i friended you on discord, i've been playing duo with a friend and we've been looking for a third to goof around with. my discord is yousuckleon.