Worst killers?

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No i dont mean gameplay, im talking about which ones are the most irredeemable ones (to avoid bias and the obvious "one", we arent including Licensed characters, BESIDES Ghostface due to being a special case)

In my opinion Knight, Clown and Doctor easily make it to the top 3.

Knight is essentially a psychopathic warmonger, driven by pure violence that refuses any notion of peace or laws, brutally killing anyone that stands in his way just for the sake of it, this is made even more apparent when he outright claims that if a "peaceful paradise" that Vittorio was looking for did existed that he wanted nothing to do with it.

Clown is a sadistic murderer that even had a chance to redeem himself and change his ways for a better life, which he refused cause it was "Boring", he also kills innocent people just cause they remind him of people that "wronged" him in the past.

Doctor loves to torture other humans for the sake of "knowledge", and makes no attempts to hide his sadism, so much so that prisoners begged to not be sent to him specifically, he grew increasingly worse the more he experimented, even turning on his mentor who became one of his many victims.

Interestingly enough, none of the 3 seem to have any real reason for being this way, Knight was born an unfeeling monster that didnt even seem to cared for the people in his village being massacred, Clown did had a neglectful father, but its made very apparent that he had serious problems since a being a kid (And again, he could have walked a better path that he refused out of boredom), and Doctor is always portrayed has someone that doesnt care for morals and is inherently sadistic.

So yeah, these 3 are my top pics has the most irredeemable killers in DBD lore.

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    I'd replace Doctor with Skull Merchant. At least for Doctor he uses his "knowledge" productively. Dull Merchant kills for her own good and uses her dad's manga characters as a way to excuse her ego and bloodlust. Very selfish and execrable of her. (Yes that is her entire lore summed up in a short sentence, subpar writing I know)

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    Bubba. My boy is hungry and his favorite dish is made of survivors. There is no helping it.

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    Oni is probably up there.

    trickster is also an evil pos that takes pleasure in torturing people. just a hot pos...

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    I don't know every killer's lore in and out, but the Doctor will always be at the top or one of the top contenders for me. Yeah, you could say his experimentation is furthering science, but one, science at the expense of morality is always an extremely dangerous and terrible thing. And two, is it furthering science, really?

    I think I remember in the doctor's tome lore that he wanted to inject something directly into a person's eye. Not because he suspected there was a reaction that would be noteworthy. Not because the knowledge gained from it would further anything in the medical field or any other scientific field. Simply because he wanted to see what would happen.

    Seeing what happens from experiments is scientific, of course, but there was no scientific method involved in that example. I don't know the ins and outs of being a scientist, so forgive me for any misconceptions of mine, but I'd think if you're doing an experiment, you at least want to form a hypothesis and/or rules for the experiment to identify potential constants and variables. Herman didn't seem to do any of that. He just wanted to see what would happen, likely to satisfy his sadism, and now uses, "It's for science!" as an excuse. Or maybe he doesn't even use that excuse and knows fully well what he's doing, but he's just in a position where no one can oppose him.

    Medical horror in general is a very relatable concept to a lot of people, but a "doctor" who's cruel because he enjoys it while under the guise of doing something for the greater good is just sickening to me, personally. Because while I imagine Herman did make some discoveries, most of his "research" probably just amounted to, "I want to find ways of controlling my victim to satisfy my selfish desire to inflict pain."

    It's also probably more terrifying that people like the Doctor not only exist, but can also be renowned in their field. People like the Clown are just objectively terrible and immoral to most people. But there are people like Herman doing terrible things and they're not only free to reign terror in society, but they're also in a position of power in society where the people who have the power to stop them are rooting them on, and the ones who know cruelty at their hand have no influence or power to really do anything about it. It's kind of like the hypothetical of a police officer who abuses his power, but his fellow officers cover up for and protect him either due to camaraderie or them actually knowing and approving of their colleague's work. And all the while the civilian victims can't do much because who's going to listen to handful common folk when an entire police force is shutting them down? It's a hard battle to win just because of the abuser's status, which the Doctor has the status to do whatever he wants without anyone being able to put a dent in his work.

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    Clown- He's a serial killer and probable predator. Least horrible thing about him is Maurice and even for as much as we love Maurice he's probably got a sketchy past as well.

    Blight- Dude's literally okay with sacrificing others in the name of science. He doesn't even value his own life more than he does experimentation in pursuit forbidden alchemical knowledge.

    Doctor- His only goal is to harm other through extreme methods of control and his murderous tendencies are more or less sanctioned meaning he's paid for his cruelty.

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    Doctor, Trickster, Clown, Knight, Skull Merchant, Oni. All of these killers are pretty irredeemable.

    Top 3 would be Doctor, Clown, and Trickster.

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    Him and Skull Merchant could probably hit it off greatly because of how horrible they both are just for the sake of it.

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    Are y'all forgetting dredge? The literal manifestation of dark thoughts?

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    I'm torn on the Dredge. It's not made entirely clear what it is. A manifestation of dark thoughts, yes, but of its own volition? I can't really tell from the lore if the Dredge was an entity that had a lesser form of existence and grew more powerful at the trauma experienced by those in the garden, or if it was literally birthed by the people's traumas made manifest. If the latter, is the Dredge really at fault here? It's malicious and seeks trauma to feed and/or power itself, presumably, but it was literally created that way. The terrible humans in Dead by Daylight's killer roster were born with the ability to choose good or evil. Nothing forced any of their hands. Some likely would've chosen a different path if they'd been blessed with different circumstances, but the Wraith's justification in killing the people he did doesn't make him any less of a murderer.

    It's very possible that the Dredge has the same amount of choice, but it can be assumed that it's literally an amalgamation of darkness. I don't know if it counts as being "biologically" evil, given its strange conception and birth. But it's possible that the Dredge is by nature a parasite that literally needs to make others suffer in order to ensure its survival. No human is born with the existential obligation to kill and/or harm in order to survive.

    In short, most other killers had the option of being good and chose evil instead. The Dredge might literally not have that choice, and if it does have the choice now, then it may very well be hampered by being a parasite by nature, as opposed to human beings who choose to be parasites.

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    Feel like this should be on the lore subforum?

    But yh definitely clown, doctor, skull merchant, knight, trickster and knight.

    Feel like clown is top of the list with skully and trickster close behind. the others have a compulsion or value of sorts. Even knight is very "survival of the fittest" and kills for a reason or purpose rather than just for pleasure

    Even trickster and skully have kind of insecurity complexes they are trying to assuage by killing. Clown on the other hand, he's just the most hedonistic killer who takes the most pleasure in the kill and influcting torture. He kills simply for the joy of killing, even trickster uses it more for art and music, and skully is more about the hunt than the actual kill.

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    Clown, Doctor, Ghostface, Trickster, Freddy, Myers, Skull Merchant.

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    I do not know the dredge's lore... still catching up from my break.

    I feel bad for blight... was forced into becoming a drug addict and driven to insanity with withdraw by the entity.

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    Dredge is the manifestation of dark thoughts and fears.

    Much like the Entity it is a natural force of malevolence that is probably beyond a comprehension of good and evil.

    For something to be irredeemable you have to assume that there was state they existed in before their fall to darkness.

    Dredge is only darkness so there is nothing to be redeemed.

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    Doctor: uses his knowledge to tourture the Survivors (and his victims before his arrival into the realm)

    Trickster: makes music out of his victims screams... aka he likes tourture just like Doctor

    Hag: from a normal human into a cannible... PS her and Bubba might even get along, LOL

    Legion: Teenagers... need I say more, LOL

    Dredge: darkness incarnate... need I say more

    Knight: years of fighting and war does a lot to a person... just ask the military

    Skull Merchant: twisted obsession with her dad's manga (my words... I didn't read up on her lore)

    Nurse: working in an Insane Asylum for however long (recons aside)... will turn anyone

    AKA all of them have points... maybe except Wraith

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    Top pick is probably the knight as it's just violence for the sake of violence. Dredge is made of evil (for intents and purposes) and can be excused, merchant is copying a fantasy and sport, doc is at least learning. Clown is second as it's pretty much a similar thing.

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    Nurse's tome didn't really retcon her original lore as it was already very short and was mostly up to interpretation.

    It simply just took a different approach than what some people expected from it.

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    havent caught up with killer lore in years but from the ones i do remeber id pick.

    Doctor and Clown