What was The Dredge doing before it was taken?

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I really don’t think it was taken directly after Otter Stamper summoned it, it’s in game description isn’t really specific on where it went after it appeared from the ground. Most, if not all, killer bios end with “and then they disappeared into the fog lol,” but Dredge’s bio doesn’t. There’s no mention of any fog, he just says “peace out” and vanishes into darkness.

The descriptions for Dredge’s cosmetics all suggest it was travelling long distances for long amounts of time. “Gangrenous Thews” and “Skeletal Mass” imply that the Dredge traveled around long enough that weather started eating away at its organic components, and soon they all just decayed away completely. I do not believe that these cosmetics are results from elements within The Entity’s trials, as the cosmetic “War is Hell” implies that Dredgy Boy literally came across an old battlefield from ancient Greek history. Not a single place like that is currently known to exist in The Entity’s realm, so we can not only assume the Dredge was in the real world for a considerable amount of time, but somehow left the island Otter Stamper summoned it on.

What the hell was it doing all this time? All the other monster killers we have answers for. Demogorgan has a whole TV show for his story, and the Xenomorph’s lore directly states that it’s the same one from the first Alien movie. What was Dredge doing for the massive amount of time it was out? You can’t convince me it was just floating around eating fools, because if he spent long enough dragging his turkey ass across London or something to eat people, don’t you think someone would’ve seen it? Or even came across remnants of its presence? We technically have this already, as the reveal trailer for Dredge showed Haddie coming across this exact scenario, but we have nothing else. All we get to see is what is assumed to be right before it was taken when it was just chilling in a closet. We need archive lore for the Dredge, why haven’t we by now?

I think this is really just a plea for BHVR disguised as a rant. Please give us Archive Lore for Dredge, you give it such sick cosmetics yet leave it in the dirt while you write half-assed stories about a bore-merchant named Adriana. I want to know what this turkey blob was doing as it traveled around, I want to hear gross and grisly stories, PLEASE. You have no idea the potential for a good story when you give us a monster like this. Please.


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    i agree with this post, just one small correction about the War is Hell outfit. There is most likely a Greek inspired Lost Realm in the fog, since the Minotaur is stated to have been created from the memories of some survivors (presumably, ancient greek ones).

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    And we will get this realm... when?


    Seriously what if instead of a killer or survivor, they do a mid-chapter where they literally just release an entirely new map?

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    probably never since they seem more focused on giving Greek Cosmetics instead of a greek character ):

    maybe if we're lucky it will be in the Tomes or the until dawn type game

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    I thought the Dredge was made by the Entity, or even a teeny tiny part of the Entity that grew from the feeding frenzy of the fear on that cultish holiday island. If so, it probably has drifted across timescapes as part of the Entity's subtle treks, absorbing the pain and horror, taking parts and victims to convert into its mass.

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    I believe The Dredge MAY be attracted to dark thoughts or something like that? I can't remember if the reason Otto brought all those people to the island was because he knew about Dredge's presence there but anyways, dark thoughts, so I think he manifests in areas where there were lots of dark thoughts. Of course there is always the explanations of multiple universes so maybe each outfit for Dredge is from a diff one.

    Anyways, they should give it some more lore, I was so hyped to see it get a very cool outfit, and be the main focus of the Tome thumbnail (though I knew it was Oni's tome) just to get nothing, not even like the short lore entries with no video, so sad.