GAME BREAKING BUG - Constant "Dedicated Server not responding"

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Step 1: Log into dead by daylight

Step 2: Search for game

Step 3: Find game

Step 4: Get booted back to menu "Dedicated server not responding"

I have tried to play without and with a VPN and it occurs both times on both killer & survivor, considering how this game is haemorrhaging killer mains it needs to be fixed fast.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review


  • lifeeternal
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    I had this problem, 'dedicated server is not responding' since the new 'bugfix' update.. i actually don't know what to do exept complain here so that maybe the dev's see this and fix it, i really still like the game but it's unplayable right now...

    Please fix this..

  • fzzzee
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    I'm having the exactly same issue. Did your problem got resolved? Did you do anything?

  • ricna
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    Same problem here....

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  • ricna
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    Same issue here.

  • Frannle
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    To those having these issues currently, is your ISP Virgin Media by any chance?

  • fzzzee
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    not me, no. i live in south america, we don't have virgin media here.

  • Jocelynbee
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    Good morning, if this is happening on PC, can you please follow these steps if it happens so that we can have your logs?


    When you get the issue, close your game and do not reopen it until you get your logs.

    • Press Win+R
    • Type in appdata
    • Press OK
    • In opened window navigate to: \Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs
    • Usually you would need to attach the DeadByDaylight.log file.
    • Add the file to your bug report

    Note: copy/paste the template and add your information. if you are not following the template, you will be ask to add the missing info. After the second strike, we will close your thread.

    These information will greatly help us to give us a bit of information of what is happening.

  • fzzzee
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    Goog morning Jocelynbee, here's my info:

    PC Steam - Dedicated server not responding when a match is found


    Step 1 : Boot the game

    Step 2 : Search for a match (killer or survivor)

    Step 3 : Found a match, loading screen appears

    Step 4 : Immediately get disconnected, with a message: Dedicated server not responding

    Additional information

    • This is happening since 9th November
    • Since that day i coudn't play any matches
    • Alrealdy tried a bunch of things, like uninstalled-Reinstalled the game, Revoked consent, verified game files through Steam...
    • My game is updated. I tried the PTB version and then come back to live version on 8th november.

    Documents to add

    Logs and picture in attachment.

  • Jocelynbee
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    Thank you @fzzzee for the addtional information.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I have a friend who keeps getting this issue, and when we went to check the game files, there was no DeadByDaylight.log file.

  • Jocelynbee
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    The pinned post in the Bug Reporting forums explains how to get a copy of the log.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I am aware.

    My reply was asking what to do if there is not a Log File, we followed the steps correctly and the DeadByDaylight.log File just does not exist at all on his computer.

    We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and the DeadByDaylight.log File still wasnt there for them.

    We even checked out areas in the files to see if we had gotten it wrong and even then we still found nothing, the file just doesnt exist for them.

    My friend does not have a Forums account, and they said that they do wish to create a Forum account, so it's really hard to communicate this issue my friend is having to get it resolved.

    They are having the "Dedicated Server Not Responding" issue like many other players, and they are physically unable to play the game and have been unable to play for over 3 months now and missed the Halloween Event as a result; I would send over a copy of his Log File but I physically cannot since it literally doesnt even exist for them.

  • Jocelynbee
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    A forum account is not required to communicate issues; they can communicate directly with Support if they do not wish to post here to the forums.