Ghostface leaning issue solved: v7.2.0

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I've done extensive testing regarding the ghostface leaning issue before and after the 7.2.0 hotfix; seems like when ghostface starts leaning, the camera lerps back behind the wall you're leaning from, forcing you to move outward. Seems like the hotfix wanted to fix this but didn't end up doing so. It's not just that the camera moves backward; the camera may be locked to a position further back than usual, especially when leaning while standing.

Take a look at the clip, even when starting a lean from a crouched position, the camera will move backward when I stand up, making me see less when I'm standing than crouching. Before the Nic Cage patch, it used to be the opposite case: the camera would actually move forward slightly when standing compared to crouching, and you could see a bit more standing up than crouching. This was far more ideal and helped stalking quite a bit.

Compare this to the previous version of ghostface:

Timestamp at 8:39 shows my camera moving forward slightly when leaning from a standing position.

Proposal: move ghostface's standing POV camera slightly forward relative to his crouched leaning camera, just like it was before. when leaning in a standing position. The camera also currently moves back slightly when leaning while crouched, so please fix that as well. Or just revert ghostface to pre-Nic Cage.

Other bugs:

-looks down when wiping weapon

-constantly moves knife arm downward when stalking a player when not leaning.

-classic robe appears to be very stiff and rigid when viewed from a distance (+20m)

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.


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    Seconded, this is still an issue after hotfix 7.1.2a.

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    Just reminding of this issue, the look-down while wiping seems to be fixed but everything else remains. Haven't been able to play ghostface for nearly a month, currently unplayable at high MMR.