Tx chainsaw, dbd will lose many

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After watching alot on YouTube of Texas chainsaw....dbd can't compete. Sure ppl will still play however I strongly predict dbd player base will significantly go down.

Already have it pre ordered and ready for Aug 17th .

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  • HaunterofShadows
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    I think you're mixing those two games up. I think you meant to say tcm can't compete with dbd

  • xPrinceHarlequinx
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    I cant tell if this is bait or not. Like, every time any other multiplayer horror game comes out its supposed to be the "dbd" killer. While I am hoping TCM will be popular, cuz I love that franchise, its entirely too different to replace or even dent DBD's playerbase.

  • Evan_
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    Oh noez, we're still recovering from the massive impact of VHS, F13, Evil Dead and... dang, it's so hard to remember all the titles they predicted to surpass dbd.

  • saintjimmy456
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    I mean, why would you come to the conclusion that DBD "can't compete" with TCM, when you end your thread by saying that you haven't even played it, because it isn't out yet.

    You might be excited for it (I am a little bit, it looks fun) but to already be predicting the future of DBD bcause you watched some TCM gameplay on YouTube... seems very short-sighted.

  • DragonMasterDarren
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    It'll have a small dip in players for like 2 maybe 3 weeks, then the player numbers will go right back up

    I hope TCM's successful, really I do, but you can't compete with DBD's Licenses nor it's staying power

    You do not outlive all of your competition by several years without doing at least a few things right

  • Crowman
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    I'm sure TCM will kill dbd just like the previous games that were hailed as the dbd killer.

  • FreddyVoorhees
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    DBD will lose Bubba fans but keep mostly everyone else.

    Also what depth can TCM have ? What more can they add to the game ? They mostly covered the films and chars. Unless they completely move to an original setting they will get stale fast.

  • Trollinmon
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    DBD and TCM are really not competitors. TCM is a game where they want players to have fun. DBD is the game where all the hardstuck bronze players go to not feel like they are terrible at every game while the devs do balance through spreadsheets since it requires the least amount of effort. DBD hasn't cared about fun for years now and it seems that isn't changing any time soon.

  • bm33
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    I'm wicked excited for TCM and hope it's successful. It's not going to kill DBD and the devs of TCM don't want it to kill DBD because there's plenty of room for multiple assym horror games to exist.

  • Justa335i
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    I mean, all of the people with Xbox Game Pass will play it for free when it comes out and not play DBD.

    I wouldn't be surprised if DBD has some some of surprise event with FOLO free cosmetics to keep people hooked.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    It's not even a competition. I do hope TCM does well and - although I don't see it having the longevity of DBD because of its narrow universe (see The Evil Dead and Friday 13th as examples: both championed as rivals, but neither as wide ranging) - what I do hope is that someone takes the idea behond this and develops a larger game with this as the template, which may become the next big thing.

    I see it hopefully doing well, although no doubt it will also be suffering from the same issues and bad attitudes of any other playerbase. However, beating DBD it has no chance of doing, nor do I think the devs even care about that.

  • Annso_x
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    exactly the same thing was said about Home Sweet Home, VHS, Evil Dead and at least one other game i forgot the name of...

    At some point people need to realize DBD isn't going anywhere and the games you keep comparing it too would probably have a better chance at succeeding if you didn't do it so much. You can play multiple games and don't need to drop one to play the other.

    I hope TCM will not follow the other games' footsteps and keep doing really well, but even if it does it still won't replace DBD because they're still different games and DBD will always have the massive advantage of having licences and getting them regularly which also brings and / or keeps players who are hoping for a specific licence to come to DBD.