Death Note Chapter Concept

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Death Note

Killer: The Shinigami


Difficulty: Easy

4.2 m/s



Menu Theme:

Chase Theme:

A status bringer Killer, able to switch either Light or Ryuk as well as use Shinigami eyes and use the Death Note to punish Survivors with status or aura reading.

Their personal perks, Hex: Master Plan, Hex: Solipsism, and Spiritual Bargain allow them to block Windows, revive a broken Dull or Hex Totem, and use Basement Hooks to block entrance to Basement.

Weapon for Light: Pen

Weapon for Ryuk: Shinigami Nails


Light Yagami discovers a mysterious notebook on the ground at his school written in the cover of the words are Death Note. The Death Note’s instructions state that if a human's name is written within it, that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the notebook's authenticity, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real which brought the Shinigami Ryuk who dropped the notebook simply because he’s bored and is looking for something to amuse himself.

Light plans on getting rid of all the bad people and become god of the new world. When the task force got involved light continues on with his plan and will kill anyone who plans to stop him.

Light had L Lawliet in his radar making light in a tight situation for killing L would make him suspicious to the task force. After a big long plan Light was successful in killing L by having a Shinigami Rem to right down his name down only to die like Light planned.

After taking over L’s place for the Kira case to hide himself from any suspicion as Kira, Nier has challenged Kira to expose him. Light and Nier meet up at Yellow Box Warehouse where Nier will reveal who is Kira. After Mikami wrote downs everyone’s names no one died and Nier revealed that mikami had the fake Notebook and that Light is Kira. Light tried to used a pice of the notebook to kill Nier but got shot by Touta Matsuda ruining his plans. Once mikami stabbed himself to have Light away, Ryuk planned on killing Light now for they both amused themselves long enough.

Before Ryuk wrote down Light’s name on his note book he and Light was surrounded by fog where the entity made a deal them, it will save Light in return to their obedience and they can do what they please plus some minor changes of their notebook. Ryuk and Light accepts it, Ryuk smirks for he now see his entertainment never will fade and Light can be what he wanted, to be a god, Kira is justice.

Power: Otherworldly Connection

Light and Ryuk are very lethal when the two of them work together, many lives taken by the Death Note and now more shall fall.

When playing as The Shinigami you play as Light and Ryuk who are both Killers and they spawn far away from each other. You start the trial as Light or Ryuk, you can switch to Ryuk or Light by tapping the Active Ability button.

Ryuk can carry Survivors longer, faster successful basic attack cooldown, break walls pallets and generators faster than Light.

Light can vault faster, faster miss basic attack cooldown, faster Boon snuff and Hatch close, faster stun and blind cooldown than Ryuk.

You can switch back to Light or Ryuk after a 7 second cooldown.

Special Ability: Shinigami Eyes

When playing as either Light or Ryuk, hold the Active Ability button to activate Shinigami Eyesmaking the screen turns light red and you see Ryuk or Light in white aura.

When Shinigami Eyes is active when playing as Light, Shinigami Eyes lasts for 12 seconds, see injured Survivors blood aura in a 8 meters and gain Undetectable status effect until Shinigami Eyesruns out. Light becomes fatigue for 3 seconds.

When Shinigami Eyes is active when playing as Ryuk, Shinigami Eyes lasts for 16 seconds, see Survivors aura in 12 meters and gain 2% Haste status effect until Shinigami Eyes runs out. Ryukbecomes fatigue for 5 seconds.

Shinigami Eyes has a 20 second cooldown once its duration ends.

Special Ability: Scrap paper

When playing as Light you start off with 10 Scrap Paper, press and hold the Power button to open Light’s watch to use Scrap Paper. When near a totem, pallet, or window with in 7 meters, press the Attack button to use your Scrap Paper which will call the Entity to block it for 16 seconds.

When you have zero Scrap Paper, go to lockers to restock.

Special Interaction: Death Note

Death Note will spawn in the trial, the aura of the Death Note can be seen for both Survivors and The Shinigami. The Shinigami and Survivors can grab it and use it to give different effects to either The Shinigami or Survivor.

When Light uses the Death Note it grants one of the following effects.

See Survivor’s aura for 8 seconds

Make Survivor’s suffer the Blindness status effect for 16 seconds

Make Survivor’s suffer the Incapacitated status effect for 12 seconds

When Ryuk uses the Death Note it grants one of the following effects.

Make Survivor’s suffer the Exhaust status effect for 16 seconds

Make Survivor’s suffer the Hindered status effect for 10 seconds

Make Survivor’s suffer the Exposed status effect for 15 seconds

When Survivor’s uses the Death Note it grants one the following effects.

All survivor’s see The Shinigami’s aura for 6 seconds

Makes The Shinigami suffer the Blindness status effect for 14 seconds

Makes The Shinigami suffer the Hindered status effect for 7 seconds

After the Death Note has been used it takes 60 seconds to respond in a different location.

Special Enemy: Light and Ryuk

When Playing is either Light or Ryuk the other will be a AI that can help you. The AI can’t carry Survivors, open lockers, camped downed or hooked Survivors, tunnel Survivors, close the Hatch and break generators. The AI can vault windows, snuff Boon totems, pick up the Death Note, and chase Survivor’s. The AI Light or Ryuk can also hit and down Survivors but they are more focused on finding the Death Note and are easily distracted by loud notifications.

When a AI Light or Ryuk grab the Death Note they can’t use it and have to find the player Killer to give the Death Note too, the AI Killer and Player Killer can drop the Death Note from pallet and locker stuns, blinding from flashlight, firecrackers, blast mine and flash bang.

Survivors will know who is the Player Killer if they see the red stain, the AI doesn’t have a red stain and they have half the terror radius.


When playing as Light, Ryuk gives Light the Death Note and Light writes down the Survivor or legendary Cosmetic Survivor’s name fast making the survivor stab themself with Light’s pen to the heart as the Survivor look at Light who is smirking like a maniac til the Survivors eyes close as Ryuk chuckles in delight as Ryuk eats a apple behind Light.

When playing as Ryuk, Light tosses the Death Note to Ryuk who writes the Survivor or Legendary Cosmetic Survivors’s name and they die from an instant heart attack. Light crosses his arms with his eyes looking at the dead Survivor.


Hex: Master Plan

A Hex that shows keen intellect when the weak are are blind to see your masterpiece.

Whenever a Survivor loses a health state by any means and thus enters the injured state or the dying state, Hex: Master Plan calls upon the Entity to block all windows within 24/28/32 meters of that Survivor's location from being vaulted for the next 15 seconds.

The Hex effects persists until it’s Hex Totem is cleansed.

Hex: Solipsism

A Hex that the self is all can be known to exist.

When you snuff a Boon totem while Hex: Solipsism is active, the entity will restore back a destroyed totem. If the Totem that was cleansed brought back was a Hex totem, that Hex will be active again. Revive Dull and Hex totems will have Action Speed penalty to cleansing and blessing by 20/25/30%

The Hex effects persists until its Hex Totem is cleansed.

Spiritual Bargain

You made a deal with the entity and that deal shall bring no means of escaping.

When you hook a Survivor in the Basement the Entity will block the Basement stairs and exit for 8/12/16 seconds. If a Survivor is in the Basement with a hooked Survivor and unhooks them they must wait until Spiritual Bargain runs out.

Spiritual Bargain has a 90/75/60 second cooldown.

Survivor: L Lawliet

L Lawliet Is a famous detective that investigated in the Kira case who worked along side with the Japanese Task Force.

His personal perks, Drastic Measures, Subterfuge, and High Risk makes him see aura of Totem’s near hooked Survivors, trick Killers of a fake failed skill when on a different generator, and earn tokens for progressive speed on generators when a survivor is hooked.


L Lawliet is a world-renowned detective who takes on the challenge of catching the mass murderer known as Kira In his investigation.

L was found by Watari and taken to the orphanage known as Wammy's House, a home for gifted children. Sometime after, Watari realized that L had incredible intelligence and later assisted him in his cases. L became a detective at a young, eventually gained a reputation as the greatest detective in the world whose opinion is highly valued. During the Kira case after a large portion of the NPA quit leaving only 5 memebers of the NPA stayed as L put his life on the line to meet with them and team up to solve the Kira case.

L becomes suspicious of Light Yagami and makes it his goal to prove that Light is Kira. After finding out that Misa Amane is the second Kira, she was detained im which Light asks to be detained, and so L does so. During Light's confinement, no criminals are killed, which confirms to L that Light is Kira. During Light's seventh day of confinement, Light begins acting uncharacteristically as he lost his memories of being Kira. Still convinced Light and Misa are Kira and the second Kira, respectively, L handcuffs his hands to Light's. As they found the third Kira as well as the death note L still suspects Light as Kira but the Task Force now believing Light and Misa are in the clear, L releases Misa and removes the handcuffs from his and Light's hands. After Misa’s release, the killings returned and L planned on testing the legitimacy of the of the thirteen day rule. However, just then, Watari has died, as he noticed all the data concerning the Kira case has been deleted. Once L figures out Rem must have killed Watari, Rem writes L's name in the notebook, killing him.

As L has a heart attack, Light catches L and holds him by the arms, allowing L to see Light's smug smirk to show that he was indeed Kira the whole time. L woke up near a campfire alone in a gloomy location that L has nothing to identify. After hearing screaming he feels like he should get to the bottom of where those screams come from and if possible find who’s responsible.


Drastic Measures

You would do unorthodox methods to find what you needed.

When ever a Survivor is on the hook, you see the auras of totems in a 12/18/24 meters where the hook survives is at. Cleansing speed increases by 4/7/10% faster when a Survivor is hooked. The totem’s aura lingers for 3/4/5 seconds when the Survivor is unhooked.


You use deceit to lure your enemy to a fake location.

After repairing a generator for 5 seconds, it will be highlighted to you with a white aura. The generator stays highlighted until it is fully repaired or you missed a Skill Check.

Upon working on a different generator, when you miss a Skill Check the highlighted generator will trigger a loud noise indicator for the Killer and you at the highlighted generators location instead of the generator you are working on and the highlighted generator will lose -7/-5/-3% progression when you missed the Skill Check instead of the generator you are at.

Subterfuge has a cooldown of 70/60/50 seconds.

High Risk

You put your trust to others to put your life on the line.

When a Survivor is hooked you gain a token up to the maximum of 4/5/6 tokens, each token grants 1% bonus progressive speed when working on generators or totems. When working on a generator with another Survivor, you get 1.5/2/2.5% progressive speed.

“That justice will prevail no matter what.”— L Lawliet

Death Note Survivor Menu Theme:

In Game Cosmetic Store

Legendary Cosmetic for The Shinigami: Misa Amane and Rem

Legendary Cosmetic for L Lawliet: Nate River

Legendary Cosmetic for Jane Romero: Halle Lidner

Very Rare Cosmetic for Felix Richter: Light Yagami Cosplay

Anime characters with voice settings

Light Yagami


L Lawliet

Misa Amane


Nate River

Halle Lidner

Universal Charm: Death Note (Rare rarity)

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