Where does Maria fit into the Lore?

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In Silent Hill 3 we do learn that Maria was in fact a real person in the town of Silent Hill, a dancer at Haven's Night

However, the Maria we see in Silent Hill 2 and the one we play as in the fog is the manifestation created for James. So Maria is just a manifestation of Silent Hill. Like Pyramid Head himself

Maria is the first Survivor to be introduced who doesn't actually exist. Is she there to punish James or to give him hope because of her looking exactly like Mary and the entity is using her to feed off James' Hope

What are your guys thoughts?


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    In SH2 Maria is, as you rightly say, a way the town of Silent Hill manifests James' guilt.

    The Entity has used similar techniques to invest in the emotional turmoil of its inhabitants. A good example are The Twins, Charlotte and Victor: Victor doed before Charlotte was taken, so Victor could be a manifestation of Charlotte's desires. Each trial, even though she's the killer, she has to witness Victor die in every trial. That's gotta hit her hard emotionally.

    Perhaps, in the Entity, it's seen James' guilt and maybe even seen how Silent Hill preyed on this, so it probably thought that if James sees Maria die time and time again, that will suck even more fear-juice out of him. Or maybe the Entity didn't consciously know of this, but simply arrived at the same conclusion as Silent Hill. Afterall, this is from James' mind and both places have access to his desires, so it would not be surprising if they both arrived at the same conclusion.

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    If my memory serves me, Maria is the sexual desire manifestation of James

    So you are probably right, maybe Pyramid Head is still linked to Silent Hill while inside the trials, Maria probably came at the same time as him; alongside James to punish him further. Maria dying over and over again in the trials to punish James and steal all the hope within him before he gets discarded into the void

    The Entity and power of Silent Hill could be besties for all we know

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    But Maria was an actual person in the town of Silent Hill as well, this image of Maria/Mary took the life of another Maria; a dancer of Haven's Nightclub

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    If you play the Born From A Wish DLC for Silent Hill 2, it somewhat explains Maria's existence in a way.

    Maria and her story can be interpreted in so many different ways. But here's my theory (Based off both SH2 and Born From A Wish DLC): She wakes up in Heaven's Night, not knowing who she was or why she was there. She saw the fliers mentioning "Maria" (like the one found in SH3) and decided to take on the life of Maria so she feels like she has an identity. She has all of Mary's memories, which is why she eventually felt like she had to look for James. After meeting James, she became confused about who she was. She knew that she had Mary's memories, but she also knew that she wasn't Mary. Which is why later in SH2 when James asks if she's Maria, she says "I am, if you want me to be". She eventually realizes she only exists because of James. So she shapes her personality around him and what he wants, and becomes obsessed with him. Because she doesn't know who else to be and James is the only person she truly knows, even though those are Mary's memories. And she's constantly fighting the memories of Mary, knowing that's not who she really is or who she wants to become. Which is why she grows to hate Mary, along with James constantly mentioning her. So basically, she doesn't have free will and she doesn't know who to be, because in the end she was created by the town of Silent Hill from James's guilt/memories. She's a manifestation of what James wanted Mary to be like.

    Now how she got to the Entity's realm? I'm guessing in this timeline the "Maria" ending would be considered the canon/true ending of Silent Hill 2. So I'm guessing as James and Maria were getting ready to leave Silent Hill, they both got taken by the Entity.

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    I saw Maria dying some 3 or 4 times in Silent Hill 2... At this point I don't see difficult she resurrecting again and being caught by Entity.

    Or perhaps the Entity and Silent Hill's curse are university buddies, so they shared some tricks to make James's manifestation of Maria become real again in the Fog realm...