Nothing will ever kill DBD.

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And that is fine! TCSM is so fun! But DBD is still a great game that some of us might have gotten a little bored of. Some of us have played for so many hours its insane lol nice to have some other games to play on the side.


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    I find it so weird how so many are either "I want a game to kill DBD" or "I want DBD to kill any other game that's similar." There's plenty of room for more assym horror games, it'll be good if there's more to choose from instead of this Highlander "there can be only one" mentality.

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    I don't get how people want to see DBD "Die".

    It's just a stupid thought, especially for the people who have spend their money on this game.

    Sure, there are some problems that make DBD more frustrating and perhaps even too competitive, but even aside from that, i think the Developers right now are doing a great job.

    Aside from that, it also literally gave us the option to play our beloved Characters from deadbeat franchises like Silent Hill and even level them up to our liking. (Even though im not a fan of the current prestige system.)

    I do hope that perhaps TCM is kind of a regulator and competitor for DBD, since Competition is always something that every project needs to have in order to be great, but i surely dont think its going to even scratch DBD in that sense.

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    The only thing that will ever kill DBD is DBD

    There is also plenty of room for multiple asymmetrical multiplayer horror games in the world. Especially given that DBD and TCM are two very different games. Their only real similarity is that they're both asymmetrical multiplayer horror games but even if they were carbon copies of one another, there is still PLENTY of room in the gaming space for both to exist.

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    I don't want DBD to die

    if it does everyone will move to the newest asym and ruin that to

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    I wouldn't say nothing will ever kill dbd. It's just likely not going to be X newly released game.

    The biggest problem is people are clearly sticking with something they are hoping dies instead of just moving on to other games.

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    For DBD to die the devs would have to do some real messed up stuff IRL

    or bring back insta blinds and/or insta heals that would probably kill it

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    Why do they even need to be compared! Similar genre, but people can like more than one game of the same genre. It's a bunch of crazies who have that mind set.

    I love "Silent Hill"; it's my favourite horror game series. It does not mean I had to hope games like "Outlast", "Resident Evil" and every other horror game ever made had to be killed by it. It's such a weird thought process to me.