Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre a good game?

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I have read a few posts about people uninstalling dbd and replacing it with TCM. I'm looking for a game to play as .well as dbd not replace it but a similar enough game. I have heard it is a bit different to dbd so can anyone tell me is it good. I am also a solo queue player. Any advice is appreciated


  • Justa335i
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    TCM is fun, but will never be as popular as DBD. I will probably play it for the next 2-3 months until the charm wears off, then come back to DBD.

    DBD is constantly adding killers and survivors, while also introducing new skins. Some are original, while others are licensed.

    TCM is stuck by the fact they are trying to stay TCM specific, which will cause content to dry up.

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    It's fun but I don't think it's awesome like some people claim. It's very different to DBD. I don't understand why anyone would need to give up DBD just because you want to play this game. Stealth is a huge factor for the victims. Only issue is I don't want to use VC but the game really helps having it on.

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    I'm having a blast playing it. While it is an assym horror it is different from DBD.

    There's definitely some new release bugs and kinks happening but nothing major - atleast not for me. Devs have been on Discord trying to help people troubleshoot any issues.

    Aside from one match as Leatherface I've only played the victim role because that's where quick play has been putting me - alot of people want to play family. I've been playing solo and haven't had any issues. I've died more than I've escaped but I wouldn't say using the comms would've made a difference. Most people aren't using their mics so you should pay attention to the little info you do get from notifications - noise, aura, and pop ups. I can definitely tell when the family is working together with comms and when they're not, there is no getting away from them when they use comms.

    Definitely play with all the characters and switch around every so often. While you may favor one or two there can only be one of each character in a match so it's good to be comfortable with them all just in case you can't play your favorite.

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    I've had an absolute blast playing TCM! Its similar to DBD in the sense of doing objectives to open the way to the exits when you're playing as the victims. The difference is how you go about doing those objectives. Instead of spending over a minute working on one objective you instead find items that correspond with an objective that allows you to progress further on the map and closer to an exit. Each character is unique in that they each have a unique ability that makes them efficient at certain things. You can also level them up through a progression system that makes them better at dealing with the different situations in each match. The more you play them the more you're able to progress them. Its kind of like DBD's blood point system but instead of spending points on items you're putting them into a talent/progression tree. There are also multiple paths you can take in the progression trees so you can try out one way and then another if you want to try a different style.

    I could talk about it for hours but I don't want to spoil it for you in case you do give it a try. I definitely recommend it.

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    I love it. I've put about 25 hours into it already. It's a ton of fun but I hope they have content in the works though because I can see it getting old after a few months. My biggest gripe is that the grind is huge. After you hit level 12 or so leveling up slows to a crawl.

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    TCM has been really fun so far!

    Its not better than DBD, but it is a breath of fresh air 😃

    TCM doesn't feel like it has much replayability. Ill probably be dead bored after ~250 hours.

  • totallynotamegmain
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    Fun game

    would recommend

    depends open if you only play games until you max people out then quit, unless they legit never update it im gonna be playin this game till it gets shut down

    ive played like 40 hours and can safely say it’s already worth the money.

    Idk about most of the complaints people have. I have never once seen a hacker, only ever seen 3 premades. 2 of which were bully squads and one of them we smoked. Haven’t met a single toxic person. Most people have VC on and quite a few talk. And after playing both sides i can confirm it makes the game 100,000,000% more fun

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    In my opinion the game has become completely unenjoyable. After both sides learned how to abuse obnoxious tactics, the gameplay became very stale.

    Harrassing a Bubba with a door was funny for a game or two, but got old quick.

    Sissy just following you for 5+ minutes is also annoying.

    As family Connies 'instant unlock' ability makes any attempt to lock doors useless.

    Being able to almost instantly kill people with Bubbas saw is sastisfying, but it eventually becomes the same exact thing again and again.

    Its kind of like old DBD, it has many many absurdly broken things.

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    It's really cool but the developer's decisions in general are really concerning for the health of the game.