Looking For Good Team Players!

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Hello :) I'm looking for good team players for dbd:) And by good I mean actually helping with gens and getting people off hook BEFORE they go second 😏

If you've suffered through solo queue, you know what I mean!

You don't have to be great at the game, heck l am not great at the game lol! I would just love some good old fashion team mates! If you're one of those, add me on Xbox. My GT is Wicked Missy69 and for PC users it's Wicked Missy69 #1clb (I'm the only Wicked Missy69 when you search Look forward to playing with y'all!

p.s. I do have a mic but you don’t HAVE to have one. I know some people have anxiety about talking to new people and it’s no biggie 😊