The entity's pentimento

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La Entité cast her shadow over the broken canvas of Carmina´s soul painting new life into the layers of her sorrow and loss, like a dark phoenix reborn from the ashes, told in the lenguage of a pentimento . " - A pentimento is an art term that refers to a visible trace of an earlier painting beneath a layer(s) of paint on a canvas . It comes from the italian words "pentirsi" , wich means "To repent" or " To change one´s mind " Pentimenti occur when an artist makes changes to their composition during the painting process , often altering the position of figures , objects or other elements. 

In 1973 a man was killed, although he was no longer present in the physical sense they couldn't kill the ideas that he live for until his last breath, the manifestation of his spirit lives on , louder than any gun , in his darkest moments he wrotte a hidden poem " Somos cinco mil " (We are 5000)

 - Fragment of the poem - " ...The blood of the Comrade President strikes with greater force than bombs and shrapnel. Thus shall our fist strike again. 

A song, how poorly you emerge from me when I must sing dread. Dread, as the one I live, as the one I die, dread. To find myself amidst countless moments of the infinite, where silence and outcry are the aims of this song. 

What I've never seen, what I've felt, and what I feel shall give birth to the moment, a moment... " 

The layers of heartache and despair serve not to shroud, but to texture the evolving composition .

We can heal through art , here is a Dark Bird i Saw good night from Chile 🖤