Anyone else grew up with South Park?

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Lol just re got the series, is something that came on at like 2-3am and always came with a warning lol


  • Marc_123
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    Didn´t grew up with it but got into it and loved it. Still do.

    The games are amazing as well.

    South Park is often way before its time. A lot of things they predicted came true... and not the good ones.

    Haven´t watched the Post Covid yet.

  • tippy2k2
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    I watched South Park all the time as a wee lad

    I was 11 years old when South Park debuted so that was smack in the middle of pre-teen/teenager Tippy times

  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    I watch an episode occasionaly simply because of the sweet nostalgia from the time i was a kid/teenager.

    Same with games like Deus Ex, Mirror's Edge, Warhammer Dawn of War, Skyrim and New Vegas etc.

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  • Mushwin
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    I can to the T and P voice lol

  • EQWashu
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    Since episode one, but I haven't seen it in sooo many years, I think my other half and I dropped off after season 8-10 or so. It debuted when I was in Middle School, and I was very level-headed for a kid and my parents watched a well, so there was rarely an issue understanding its satire/comedy or having a reason to not let me watch it.

    Actually, my late maternal Grandmother didn't really watch the show, but watched the first holiday episode as I watched it one December long ago, and fell in love with Mr. Hankey (and years later when merch came out, I got her a plush Mr. Hankey)!

  • Mushwin
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    My pops watched a film shared by his friends i cant even say! lol i use to be up til 2-3 watching or ot Bonzii or on my game the warriors lol

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    Same. Was 11 when it came out and watched it then. Watching first couple seasons is always a nostalgia hit. 😂