Metal Gear Rising Revengence Chapter Concept

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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

New Map: Shabhazabad Air Base

New Realm: Pakistan

Killer: The Senator


Difficulty: Moderate




Menu Theme:

Chase Theme:

Steven Armstrong is a corrupt politician who uses nanomachines in a fight offensively or defensively against the weak.

His personal perks, Standing Ovation, Metal Panic, and Hex: Materialism allow him to one shot anyone after hitting four different Survivors, makes Survivors suffer exposed after opening the exit gate, and block Dull and Hex Totems when injuring a Survivor.

Weapon: Nano Arm


Steven Armstrong was born and raised in Texas. Prior to pursuing politics, Armstrong played college football as quarterback for the University of Texas. He later joined the United States Navy due to a desire to serve his country, which also sacrificed his prospects of a professional football career. By the time of 2016, he maintained his physique and even managed to enhance it further via nanomachines in order to put his strength beyond a cyborg solider. Armstrong eventually ran for election to the Colorado state senate. Armstrong delivered a speech to increase his approval ratings, later expressing to his speech writer the belief that people only cared about the spin you put on it, and no longer cared about information control, or even right or wrong. The speech writer warned him that he would appear before a grand jury if his connection to Desperado PMSC was revealed, which Armstrong refuted, given his belief that ordinary citizens could not care less due to believing that money was the only thing that truly mattered. Armstrong also expressed a desire to actually remake America's position as the most powerful nation in the world and reclaim the American Dream, blithely stating that the Tea Party Movement was not going to succeed due to its unwillingness to make sacrifices, implying that he wanted to bring about another American Revolution, and compared himself to the true Sons of Liberty. Armstrong then dismissed him as he had other matters to attend to, although not before promising to talk to him soon. The conversation was later leaked onto the Internet. That same year, just as was feared by his speechwriter, he was investigated for his ties to Workd Marshal Inc, the world's largest PMC as well as the largest distributor of cybernetic parts. Despite this, he was still considered a presidential nominee for the 2020 elections, and was even considered to be a shoo-in.

An extremely nationalistic, patriotic and libertarian individual, Armstrong often expressed the desire to reclaim the American dream by instigating another American Revolution after Liquid Ocelot’s insurrection and the Patriots actions that weakened America.

When Raiden tried to stop Armstrong’s goals, he intend on keeping it going now matter what Raiden does. After powering up his nanomachines, Armstrong then proceeded to savagely beat Raiden to a pulp with his enhanced strength, with his blows being powerful enough to heavily damage and even destroy EXCELSUS’s ruined frame causing it to explode. Waking up in The Entities realm full weak lives, Armstrong will use this to kill for what he believes in, for the American dream.

Power: Nanomachine

Harden by nanomachine, The Senator is fueled by the upmost of power that no man has seen.

The Senator starts the trial with 7 energy bars around his power hud, each energy bar is consumed when getting stunned, breaking a pallet or breakable wall, or breaking a generator. When all energy bar is consumed, The Senator will be weakened and will be stunned by 5 seconds. The following effects for The Senator by energy bars include:

  • Reduces stun duration by 25%
  • Increases action speed on pallets and breakable walls by 30%
  • Increases action speed on generators by 40%

Special Attack: Nano Crash

Press and holding the Power button to charge up then press the Attack button a heat based attack to slam the ground sending a explosive wave that travels up to a straight line at 12 meters when fully charge.

The Senator can also send 2 explosive waves when not fully charge by pressing the Attack button while charging and press an additional Attack button to send a second one.

Special Ability: Absorb Energy

When completely out of energy bars, Press and hold the Active Ability button on a generator to charge up missing energy, when fully charge the generator loses 25% of its progression.


The Survivor turns around to see The Senator as he grabs the neck then lifts them up and headbutts the the Survivor. The Senator then gets on his kneels and rapidly punches the Survivors at fast speed and then kills them with a single heavy punch to the chest and The Senator takes out a cigar smokes his cigar then flicks it at the dead Survivor.


Standing Ovation

Wanting to appease anyone of your accomplishments it tends to come back to reward your hard work.

For each Survivor you hit with a Basic Attack you gain 1 token. When having a total of 4 tokens the next healthy survivor hit by a Basic Attack will enter the dying state and gain the Blindness status effect for 10/20/30 seconds.

Metal Panic

Any attempt to get away will result in a much more bigger world of pain.

When a Survivor opens the exit gates they suffer the Exposed status effect for 15/30/45 seconds.

Hex: Materialism

Protecting one’s ideals into a powerful weapon to protect any possessions.

Whenever a Survivor loses a health state by any means and thus enters the injured state or the dying state, Hex: Materialism calls upon The Entity to block all Dull or Hex Totems within 24/28/32 meters of that Survivor's location from being cleansed or blessed for 16 seconds.

The Hex effects persists until it’s Hex Totem is cleansed.


“Die, you little #########!” Armstrong when he hits a Survivor with Nano Crash

“Time to end this.” Armstrong when he hits a Survivor with Nano Crash 2

“I’m gonna crush you.” Armstrong when he hits a Survivor with Nano Crash 3

“Let’s go!” Armstrong when he hits a Survivor with Nano Crash 4

“All right. I think we’re about done here…” Armstrong when he uses Absorb Energy

“Come on!” Armstrong when he carries a Survivor

“I have a dream.” Armstrong when he carries a Survivor 2

“Might makes right!” Armstrong when he carries a Survivor 3

“Ready or not, Jack, here we go…!” Armstrong when he finds Raiden in a locker

“That one hurt!” Armstrong when he gets stunned by a Survivor

“That’s the best you got?” Armstrong when he gets stunned by a Survivor 2

“Okay. Now I’m mad.” Armstrong when he gets stunned by a Survivor 3

“That ain’t gonna work.” Armstrong when he gets stunned by a Survivor 4

“You freak!” Armstrong when he gets stunned by a Survivor 5

“Nice knife…” Armstrong when he gets stunned by Decisive Strike

“Don’t ######### with this senator!” Armstrong when he downs a Survivor 

“How d’ya like that?” Armstrong when he downs a Survivor 2

“I’m gonna knock you out!” Armstrong when he downs a Survivor 3

“You’re going down!” Armstrong when he downs a Survivor 4

“I like you, Jack, so I’m giving you another shot.” Armstrong when Raiden escapes Armstrong’s grasp

“Hahaha! This is The greatest fight of my life!” Armstrong when he uses a memento mori on a Survivor

“I’ll blow you away!” Armstrong when he hooks a Survivor

“Die!” Armstrong when he hooks a Survivor 2

Survivor: Raiden

Raiden is a cybernetic ninja who’s ideas is to fight for the weak and punish his foes.

His personal perks, Combat Exertion, It Has To Be This Way, and Revengence allow him to stun the Killer when vaulting, slow down the Killers movement speed, and weaken the Killer’s action speed after stunning them.


Raiden was a Liberian-American mercenary and former special forces soldier. In 2018, Raiden became a member of Maverick Security Consulting Inc., doing multiple tasks while raising money for his family. However, during an escort mission in Africa they were attacked by Desperado Enforcement LLC., who killed Raiden's protectee, N’mani, left Raiden for dead. Raiden was later recovered but lost his left eye and arm in which he gets a new custom cybernetic body.

Raiden eventually found out that Senator Steven Armstrong was involved with Desperado’s and acted as their supplier of cyborg personnel. Raiden wanted to expose Armstrong and World Marshal for their actions so he tracks him down at Shabhazabad Air Base, Pakistan. After confronting Armstrong when EXCELSUS got defeated, Armstrong starts to elaborate what his true motives are which is to have everyone else o fight their own wars. 

Raiden gets brutally beaten to a pulp by Armstrong having no match against the senator while Armstrong’s next attack destroyed EXCELSUS's ruined frame, Raiden saw his surroundings not near the rubble Armstrong has caused. Raiden sees 3 injured people who looks like they are in need of saving for It’s Raiden’s reason to fight, to protect the weak.


Combat Exertion 

Your training has made you become more agile and skillful, using those results puts into hood use.

When in a healthy state while vaulting on a pallet or window, press the Active Ability button to preform a kick to stun the Killer. After successfully stunning the Killer, you’ll suffer the Exhausted status effect for 90/60/30 seconds.

“What do you know about the weak? You weren’t born poor. You’ve never been hungry. You don’t know what it’s like to fight and steal and kill just to survive.”

It Has To Be This Way

Violence has breed more violence but in the end it’s the right path to take.

Stunning the Killer gives them a 4/7/10% Hindered status for 16 seconds. Hitting the Killer also gives you a 5% progression increase when escaping a chase for 30 seconds.


So many have died around you that you will make sure you’ll bring justice to the injured and weak in a path of vengeance.

When a survivor gets downed or hooked you gain a token up to the maximum of 2/4/6 token. Each token gives you a 1% Haste status per token. Stunning the killer consumes all token and the next action speed of breaking pallets breakable walls or generators decrease by 3/4/5% per token.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Survivor Theme:

In Game Cosmetic Store

Very Rare Cosmetic for The Senator: Torn Office

Very Rare Cosmetic for Raiden: Standard Cyborg Body

Very Rare Cosmetic for Raiden: Restored Body

Voice lines

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