Will you be buying Alien DLC next week? and are you excited for it?



  • Smoe
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    Am i excited for the chapter? I'd say so yes, but even more so am i excited to see what changes will be done in the live patch note.

    Will i buy it? Of course i will, why wouldn't i? Outside of maintaining my 100% completion rate, it's Alien of all IPs.

  • biggybiggybiggens
    biggybiggybiggens Member Posts: 659
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    Nah. I'll just enjoy the free map and Turret mechanic.

  • Aurelle
    Aurelle Member Posts: 3,611

    Yeah mainly for Ellen and her perks. Xenomorph is cool too, but I feel like they're another hard to learn killer kinda like Singularity so I don't know if I'll be playing them. Their perks look interesting too though.

    I'm a little excited for the Alien chapter. Mainly for Ellen, the perks on both sides, and especially the new map. The new map is what Toba Landing should have been, imo.

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,705

    Yes, I'll be picking it up. It seems super fun to me. I've heard criticism like "Alien is just a combination of Nemesis and Demogorgon" which I don't think is true but even if it was, that sounds kind of awesome to me! Give me a teleporting tentacle boy!

  • Justa335i
    Justa335i Member Posts: 215

    Ill play, get my rift to 85, then go back to TCM until the next rift.

    Love DBD, but just bored of the same thing. DBD has had the same single game mode for the past 7 years. I wish they would release another game mode or things to do. Even if its a Dead By Daylight 2 (as long as they don't pull an Overwatch).

  • TWiXT
    TWiXT Member Posts: 2,063

    I want them to fix or replace the Aliens Acid Blood (UR) Add-on First. Reason:

    1. Acid Blood requires getting stunned by a Pallet within 20 seconds of coming out of a tunnel.
    2. Alien's Power (Runner Mode) gives him a ranged attack (Tail) that can hit survivors over pallets.
    3. Survivors in the PTB quickly learned to Pre Drop Pallets in order to avoid the risk of getting hit by the range attack.

    What does this mean?:

    Acid Blood is USELESS for an Ultra Rare Add-on, even more-so than his other UR add-on that, Gasp, reveals survivors auras for 15 seconds every time they complete a generator!

    What is it with the devs putting UR add-on's on Killers that, by their built in game mechanics, makes them useless on the killer?

    This would be like putting a UR add-on on Pyramid Head that lets him go undetectable while walking on his own trails, but doesn't make him undetectable while he's making said trails. Oh, Wait...

  • Feneroe
    Feneroe Member Posts: 203

    Excited but not buying the dlc for a while. Don't have money.

  • solarjin1
    solarjin1 Member Posts: 1,844

    i bought everything so far why stop now

  • Caiman
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    Alien is one of the greatest sci-fi and horror franchises ever made, it's hard for me to not be excited about it. However my hype is tempered by a few things. I don't know if Xenomorph will play well because of the flamethrower counterplay, and I play on console with a controller so his tail attack will probably be very difficult for me to use properly. The perks are looking really iffy, and some of them desperately need changes before going live. However, I do love the look of the map, and I really want to play as Ripley.

    I will probably buy it, but I'm not sure if I'll buy it at launch or wait a while and see how things pan out first.

    The state of DbD has also been discouraging. The Alien chapter might be the best in a long while, but the fun of it is still going to be held back by the myriad problems plaguing the game right now.

  • tjt85
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    I could not be more hyped for this chapter. I'm a huge Sci-Fi fan, so the last two chapters have been awesome for me. Playing as the Xenomorph is obviously the biggest reason, but I'm definitely looking forward to being a Ripley main for all my Survivor games too. I think her perks could be underrated gems too. Chemical Trap looks like fun and the others could be great additions to stealth builds (especially Light Footed).

  • Eelanos
    Eelanos Member Posts: 346

    Probably, yeah. This is the one chapter I wanted them to release for a long while now, and while I'm currently frustrated with this game and also absolutely hooked on Baldur's Gate III, I will try to make some time to play some matches as the Xenomorph.

  • Necrobot
    Necrobot Member Posts: 46

    There's a lot of sweatlords, yeah. Since 6.01 no one is meming with funny stuff on both side. You don't see funny perks like peebles for example, just meta perk or at least useful perk (like leader for example).

    Do you have "fun" games ?

    By that I mean the games i enjoy the most are those who are really closes one. The killer has a lot of hooks, the survivors did the objective and are close to death... It's impossible to predict who will win. One mistake then Boom.... Even if i loose in that kind of games, i really enjoy them. I would like to have more of them !

  • ReikoMori
    ReikoMori Member Posts: 3,333

    Not really

    I get mostly alright games where I don't feel like throwing myself on the hook as the killer, but I generally can tell fairly early on when a game is not in my control. The really close games are few and far between, but I can't remember the last time I got more than 9 hooks.

  • ThatRedPyramidThing
    ThatRedPyramidThing Member Posts: 91


    I learned my lesson with Singularity to NEVER EVER purchase a chapter where survivors are given a toy that completely removes the killer's power.

    Alien will be popular for about a week PURELY on the license ALONE.

    After that first week you will hardly ever see a Xeno because he will be just like Singularity where you aren't allowed to use his ability.

  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,375

    Yes. I am on PC but still play also on PS4.

    And due to the event i already had some progress so i can´t stop now.

  • Hex_Maidenless
    Hex_Maidenless Member Posts: 112

    Am I buying it? Yes. Am I excited? Not as much as I should be knowing we're getting yet another mid tier movement power killer instead of a "shoot acid on flashlight spamming fools" killer.

    I'll probably main Riplay on the survivor side because Ripley rules.