Checking in on all the beautiful souls on here regardless of opinions

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How are you feeling? How was/is your day, afternoon, night going? Are you staying hydrated? Are you looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “ I’m a living human being and have the right to feel good about myself and to love and be loved and cared for. “

I hope someone who isn’t doing well sees this and knows that i care about you 🫶🏻 Yes you ❤️


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    This Least Bittern is staring at you, waiting for you to love yourself 💖

    Forgive my oversharing, but since I’ve embraced the birb lover persona, my life has radically changed. Thanks to just a small, but daily spark of joy, I eventually realised that Uni was simply not for me, which has done wonders for my self-image and general mood. Since I made the call to quit, I’ve been in touch with an autism-coach, I’ve started volunteering in a charity bookstore, I’ve found a new education to pursue that actually makes me excited to start, and just last week I hosted a bbq for my ex-student-accomodation hallmates (who were there for me! me and me alone!)

    All that because of him:

    When he released out of nowhere (to me), I couldn’t help myself and got really out-of-character excited, which I just kept up because I do love me some birbs. When that was noticed and appreciated, I came to the realisation that being a little silly about cute birbs was just a lot of fun. From there, bit by bit, I started choosing for myself more, not caring about what others think about it. And here we are.

    Maybe it’s a bit silly to attribute the events of the last half-year to a silly little birb, but I’ve found that a little bit of silliness is not a bad thing at all.

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    all hail unicorn birb

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    Am enjoying being an ace main

    People treat me like an endangered species