Cyberpunk Chapter Concept?

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Chapter (?) - Cyberpunk

New Map - Arasaka Tower

New Survivor - Johnny Silverhand

(Character Select) Description : Johnny Silverhand is a loud mouthed rockerboy from not so distant cyberpunk world. His perks Chippin In', Archangel, and Never Fade Away let him keep tabs on the killer and give them a show to remember

Lore Description : following the aftermath of Johnny Silverhand sending himself into the cyberspace in V's place, he was halted by a thick black fog, Johnny Silverhand mysteriously finds himself torn from his world and thrust into the enigmatic realm of the Entity. The Entity, drawn to his indomitable will and resilient nature, sees in Johnny a unique addition to its assembly of survivors. Armed with his resourcefulness and determination, Johnny utilizes his guerrilla tactics and technological prowess to aid his fellow survivors in their struggle against the relentless killers. As he navigates the eerie landscape and battles the Entity's malevolent influence, Johnny seeks not only to escape the clutches of this twisted dimension but also to uncover the truth behind the Entity's sinister agenda.


Perk 1 : Chippin In'

Perk Description: Johnny Silverhand's affinity with technology and his rebellious nature enable him to connect with generators on a deeper level. When the "Chippin In'" perk is equipped, you gain the ability to directly interface with generators. Once interfaced it will take 5 seconds to unjack from the generator. While Interfaced with a generator, if you hit a Good Skill Check, you have a chance to trigger a "Overload" event. During this event, your connection with the generator becomes more profound, causing it to emit a pulsating energy.

While the "Overload" event is active, the generator's repair speed increases 30/40/50%, However, the heightened connection also comes with risks. Skill checks are considerably harder, only leaving a small window to succeed, and you may not use a toolbox while using this perk. Failing a Skill Check during the "Overload" event will explode the generator, causing it to regress considerably faster than normal. And injure the user. Unjacking from the generator will not explode the generator or injure the user. The generator will explode if forced off the generator but you will not take damage

"Let me show you how it's done Samurai." - Johnny Silverhand

Perk 2 : Archangel

Perk Description: Drawing upon your fearless nature and love for spectacle, great heights seem to give you clarity

When falling a great height, you can see the Killer's aura if they are within a certain distance from your landing point. This knowledge empowers you, granting a temporary boost of 50% to your speed and interaction speed for 3/4/5 seconds after landing. However, the adrenaline rush, causes you to suffer from a Exhaustion debuff for 60/50/40 seconds once the perk's effects wear off.

"When you're up high, the whole world looks different. And for that one glorious moment, you're free." - Johnny Silverhand

Perk 3 : Never Fade Away

Perk Description: your indomitable spirit lives on through the face of uncertainty. When the killer misses a basic attack on you, Your cybernetic arm channels its raw power into a stunning blow.

With the perk activated the next time the killer attempts to swing at you, you will deflect it with your arm and deliver a stunning shockwave which stuns the killer for 4/5/5.5 seconds. After using the perk you receive a 50% haste for 4 seconds and no scratch marks or pools of blood as well as the broken debuff for 30/25/20. This perk is then deactivated until the exit gates are powered, using after the exit gates are powered does not give you the haste or no scratch marks.

"Now let's see which are for show and which you can actually strum" - Johnny Silverhand



Head - Johnny Silverhand - Johnny Silverhand in his natural state, long flowing hair, scruffy beard, and sunglasses for the neon streets of Night City.

Body - Samurai Ballistic Vest - most saw it as an excuse to show off his "Silverhand". But it offered great protection when on raids to Saka tower.

Legs - Leather Pants - Classic leather pants, a must for any rocker boy stuck in corporate colonialism.


Head - Bloody Silverhand - Johnny Silverhand in a more crazed state, bloody flowing hair, bloodsoaked beard, and sunglasses for the fires burning in Night City.

Body - Bloody Vest - Most saw it as an excuse to show off his Silverhand, but it offered great protection when annihilating Corpo Rats.

Legs - Bloody Leather - Classic leather pants, covered in blood but one quick wipe and your ready to rock


Rockerboy - Outfit - Something Johnny found himself wearing in an alternate dimension

Head - Faded cut - Gone were his luscious locks, replaced by a clean fade with a long top. He had never looked better

Body - Opened Blazer - an opened blazer letting the cool breeze hit his chest

Legs - Tucked Jeans - comfortable jeans tucked beneath his boots for easier mobility

New Killer - The Cyberpsycho - Adam Smasher

Weapon - Mantis Blades

(Character Select) description : The Cyberpsycho is a psychotic killer with no humanity left in his body. His perks Cyberpsychosis, Legend Killer, and Iron Wall allow him to relentlessly hunt and kill survivors with little effort

Lore Description : Adam Smasher, once a formidable enforcer of Arasaka, finds himself at the mercy of V, a hotshot mercenary. As Smasher takes his last breath a dark fog begins to surround him

His ruthless actions, a legacy of brutality, and the extensive cybernetic enhancements he had undergone made Smasher a beacon of malevolence the entity was drawn towards. Now owing his life to the entity. He swore to protect it just as he had the Arasaka's for decades.

Power: Sandevistan Surge

As the entity-bound killer known as "The Cyberpsycho," Adam Smasher wields the power of "Sandevistan Surge," tapping into his cybernetic enhancements to unleash his deadly ability.

activating the Sandevistan Surge, allows you to enter a state of heightened reality reminiscent of the Sandevistan cyberware from his original world. During this surge, Smasher's movement speed drastically increases with 20% haste, allowing him to close distances with survivors in the blink of an eye. His cybernetic fists gain extraordinary strength, enabling him to obliterate pallets and barricades, increasing his break speed by 50%

However, there are constraints to this power. The Sandevistan Surge has a limited duration, indicated by a gauge that depletes quickly over time. Injuring survivors will add 5 seconds to the gauge for every successful attack being stunned instantly kicks you out but will instantly put you in the break animation with 50% increased speed. Once Sandevistan Surge is deactivated. It requires 30 seconds to recharge. This can be reduced by preforming standard killer actions such as breaking gens or pallets or injuring survivors.

Survivors who hear the distinct sound of the Sandevistan Surge's activation must quickly adapt to the heightened threat, as Smasher becomes an unrelenting juggernaut during this empowered state.


Perk 1 : Cyberpsychosis

Perk Description: each time you land a successful basic attack, the perk triggers. causing all injured survivors to suffer from a 5% Hindered status effect for 5/5.5/6 seconds.

However, the unrelenting frenzy of "Cyberpsychosis" takes a toll. After hitting 3/4/4 survivors, your vision becomes clouded by the effects of your own aggression. For 10/9/8 seconds, your aura-reading abilities are suppressed, hindering your tracking capabilities as you struggle to regain composure.

"In the chaos of my mind, there's only one way out: through them." - Adam Smasher

Perk 2 : Legend Killer

One survivor in the trial becomes the obsession. The obsession gains the ability to raise pallets but doing so will reveal your aura to the killer

Every 10/9/8 seconds in chase with the obsession receive a token. Once accumulating 3 tokens any survivor injured with a basic attack suffers from a 3% hindered status effect

Injuring the obsession with a basic attack will not give the hindrance effect but will remove all tokens gained

Hooking the obsession will lower the hindered status effect given by 1% for every hook until death where it is then deactivated

Perk 3: Iron Wall

Perk Description: When a survivor attempts to stun you with a pallet drop or a flashlight blind, there is a 50/60/70% chance that the stun effect will be negated, rendering their efforts futile.

This unyielding determination, however, has its limits. Successfully negating a stun with "Iron Wall" consumes one Token. You start the trial with a maximum of 8/9/10 Tokens. After all Tokens are consumed, the perk deactivates. Additionally, after negating a stun, your movement speed is slightly reduced for 3 seconds, reflecting the momentary strain on your endurance.



Head - Adam Smasher - a relentless, chromed up freak. Who stops at nothing.

Body - Arasaka Cybernetics - a suit built from a multitude of parts, fine tuned by Arasaka.

Weapon - Mantis Blades - Blades inlayed with the skin ready pop out for use whenever the wearer so chooses.


Head - Bloody Smasher: A blood-soaked, chromed-up maniac.

Body - Bloody Cybernetics: A suit of madness, assembled from countless parts, each drenched in the crimson of his victims. Arasaka's touch, now warped.

Weapon - Drenched Blades: Mantis blades, once sleek and formidable, now glisten menacingly with the stain of carnage.

Hello! I've been hype for the new cyberpunk dlc so I decided to make a chapter for cyberpunk

Some things to keep in mind. I did use Ai here and there to clean up descriptions or help me finish ideas. So give half of the credit to ChatGpt lol.

Either way I hope you like it!