KILLER CONCEPT: 'The Ugly' [Fuhrer Ugly] [One Punch Man] [!!!SPOILERS!!!]

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The world can be an ugly place. This can be seen most amongst the human beings who inhabit it.

There was once a man who was so ugly that it filled him with intense hate. Hatred at those who hated him, hatred at those who were better than him, smarter than him, more beautiful than him.

But the thing he hated most above all else was himself.

The feelings one has inside their heart greatly influences who they are and the world around them, but in the world where this man was from, this can occur in far more literal way. Intense emotions and heavy trauma on the body doesn't just cause physical or psychological harm, it changes your entire being, transforming you in a wide variety of ways.

The intensity of his self hatred transformed him into a horrible monster, his ugly countenance made far worse and the hatred he had inside even more potent. The worse he felt, the more inferior he was compared to those around him caused his strength to swell tremendously, morphing his body into a horrible beast of pure muscle and vile sadism.

Beings of hate seldom stay alone, misery loves company. The Monster Association was an organization of the world's worst and most fiendish creatures, gathering together to achieve their most desired ambition; the complete destruction of humanity, so that monsters would rule the world as they see fit.

The strongest amongst the Association were granted the special rank of Cadre, deadly and a major threat to the entire world. Eager to rip apart the innocent and those who would seek to protect them, his newly found status did little to diminish the hatred he still felt. He especially hated the most beautiful and popular amongst The Hero Association, The Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask. When the Heroes and Monsters would inevitably clash, Sweet Mask was the one he set his sites on, wanting nothing more than to turn his beautiful face into bloody red jelly.

Just as he was about to land the final death blow after an ally of his managed to restrain Sweet Mask, a thick dark fog enveloped the area around them. His allies were nowhere to be seen, and Sweet Mask was no longer inches away from death.

Enraged and furious at what was happening around him, he shouted crude insults and taunts at whoever was pulling this pathetic trick, robbing him of his chance to ruin the beautiful face he hated so much.

The anger quickly vanished when a dark chill began to course through his bulging, inhuman muscles and bones. What was once rage was now fear and confusion, and he attempted to flee through the fog to find whoever was doing this and turn their body into a stain on the ground.

But he wasn't on the battlefield anymore, he found himself back inside The Monster Association's underground tunnels, and through dark thoughts flooding his mind, he knew what he had to do. Beautiful people needed to be filled with terror, and that was one of the few things he was amazing at.

No one knows what his name used to be, but his new name was horribly fitting.

Fuhrer Ugly, an ugly name for an ugly man, who has an even uglier soul.

POWER: Body Caving Punch

The Ugly's monstrous strength allows for injuring Survivors and smashing through their defenses.

Holding down the power button winds up a monstrous punch that sends Survivors flying and crashing into wherever they land. Landing this attack inflicts Survivors with Broken for 60 seconds, they are hindered by 3% for 10 seconds, and they bleed heavily. Survivors who are punched into breakable walls or dropped pallets cause them to break, Survivors launched into other Survivors cause them to be injured. Body Caving Punch can be used on its own to break pallets and breakable walls.

Inferiority Complex:

Your opponent's confidence and skill drives you with intense hatred.

Survivor's progress and success fills you with Rage. Rage gains a tier by being stunned, blinded, Generators being completed, gaining Bloodlust, and Survivors wiggling free.

Rage has 4 tiers, each granting a 7% speed increase to certain actions. Tier 4 Rage makes Body Caving Punch expose Survivors, downing them in one blow, doing so returns your Rage down to tier 0.

Rage speeds up the following actions;

Charging Body Caving Punch, picking up Survivors, hooking Survivors, damaging Generators, vaulting windows, recovery from being stunned/blinded, opening lockers, and breaking pallets/breakable walls.

Injuring Survivors, hooking Survivors, and grabbing Survivors out of lockers lowers your rage by one level.


Cruelty: You are unforgiving to those who try to delay their fate.

Survivors who who take a protection hit activate Cruelty. Killer sees their aura for 30 seconds and gains 5% Haste when in chase with that Survivor. Cruelty is disabled when the Survivor is downed or 30 seconds has elapsed.

"As a child, have you ever taken your game console apart? Curiosity combined with destruction, the result is always cruel!" - Fuhrer Ugly

Vile Frustration: You will not allow weaklings to beat you.

When all Generators are completed, all pallets and windows are blocked by The Entity for 90 seconds. Vile Frustration deactivates when a Survivor is downed.

"Now, not a single one of ya's gonna get away." - Fuhrer Ugly

Bloody Mess: Your vicious attacks leave your victims barely clinging to life.

Injuring a Survivor with a basic attack inflicts 4% hindered on them. This effect has a 60 second cooldown. Survivors are hindered until they are fully healed or unhooked.



The Ugly picks up a Survivor, and begins tearing off their arms and legs one by one while laughing maniacally. He then drops them onto the ground, and caves in their abdomen with a massive punch.