Looking for people to play with


(36M, NA, PS4) I am looking for some casual people around my age, but at least 18, to play some games with. I plan to be playing in the afternoon/evening.

I started playing during the Clown's chapter, but I took a major break. I have only recently started playing again. Basically I am new, but randomly know things.

I don't care about skill, but know that I will be dying like a moron. The only thing that I care about is people being chill, and remember that killers are people too.

PSN: Default_Anton


  • inkstarx
    inkstarx Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    hello, I’m 31F. ps5 player. Looking for people to play with and possibly talk to in party chat so we can exchange tips and knowledge on playing the game. Inkstarx