Fps issues, stuttering

Mogyeszlul Member Posts: 9

Platform: PC

Steps to reproduce: Play a game as survivor or killer

How often does this occur: Every single match since the update

This is the only way I can describe this: No matter how much fps you have, it feels like a lot less.

I have seen many complaints on the official discord server so I am not alone. It started happening after the update and the new fps settings. Can't post a video because you can't see it there. I have a stable 90 fps and it feels like I have 60 which is bad because my monitors refresh rate higher than that.

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  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,176

    Yes, saw this too.

    Like short turbo rubberbanding.

  • Mogyeszlul
    Mogyeszlul Member Posts: 9

    Forgot to mention that my FPSLimitMode and FrameRateLimit is set to 90

  • rvzrvzrvz
    rvzrvzrvz Member Posts: 927

    Same performance was terrible I had to change settings in nvidia control panel and I'm forced to play with vsync I have screen tearing out of nowhere, never had that before in 2k hours

  • SonicOffline
    SonicOffline Member Posts: 915
    edited September 17

    I've been having like, actual game-breaking FPS drops randomly since the mid-patch of Singularity. Like I'll drop from 120 to like, 8, then back to 120, then back to like, 11, a few times in bursts of a few seconds happening randomly. Like, to the point I just quit streaming it just now because even in bot matches it was unplayable.