Friday the 13th Chapter Concept and Killer Lore

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I know it is unlikely for Friday the 13th to get in DBD, but one can dream.

The Undying:

Jason Voorhees, a good child who often stayed home to avoid being the subject of bullying that he was victim of because of his abnormal appearance. Although, he would eventually find himself as a camper at Camp Crystal Lake after his mother got a job there.

The bullying though, did not stop. While the counselors were engaged with other matters, Jason, who was never a good swimmer, was pushed into the lake by his tormentors, and soon drowned. At least, that’s how the story goes.

Twenty years after her son’s death, Pamela Voorhees would go on a killing spree which ultimately resulted in her demise. Jason, having survived the tragedy his mother had tried to rectify, wanted to avenge his mother’s death, even if it meant killing those not involved.

When the Fog finally found Jason, he thought he heard a call from his dear mother coming from within. Jason, never wanting to displease her, of course, walked right in. Jason was always Mommy’s good boy.

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